BI Bath

Hey kids! :slight_smile:
Just something I started working on yesterday, I had been inspired by a bunch of photographs of contemporary rooms, especially ones with the bathtub as some sort of peaceful retreat. Going to try and emulate those shots as best I can, using my own ideas in the design. It’s rendered in BI, and will be for the finished pic. Right now it only has two area lights(no shadows, specular = off) coming through the back windows, and Environment lighting on 1.00, but I might add a sun later. I have the samples for the blurred gloss on the floor set at 48 right now, but it will probably need a few more, and I also have the threshold set at .02 so it’s rendering pretty quickly with some nice results. I just installed the plumbing this morning, and I still have to install the hose and sprayer :smiley: And yes, Anthony, I do wish I had a bigger bathroom! :stuck_out_tongue:

Despite it’s simplicity I think the lighting is great! This is a really nice render and a cool result for one achieved with BI.
I’m not sure if what the sinks are resting on is meant to be wood, but if so I think it’s probably a touch too glossy.
So cool man, I wish I could create images as striking as this.

Thanks Words! :slight_smile: I actually just fixed the wood, hoping to get another render up here in a minute. Thanks a lot for stopping by! :slight_smile:

Fixed some stuff over on the right, still grinding away at it :slight_smile:

As always, a beautiful BI render, Vicky!

Not that yours needs it, but I used this tutorial for a tile floor I did some time ago.

It may be helpful to someone checking in on this thread. I know it helped me tremendously.

Again, great render! Keep going!

Looking amazing, Hon. Hey, take your time my 18 x 50 IS binoculars don’t arrive until next Tuesday.

@Longaly: Thanks a lot! :smiley: Thanks for the tutorial as well, looks like it will come in handy! :slight_smile:

@theoldghost: Hahaha! Thank you! :smiley:

You’re welcome. As I said, it wasn’t intended for you,:wink: just wanted to share for others.:slight_smile:

Take your time Ghost :slight_smile:



Looking great already, Vicky. Also, hahahaha, what in the world is happening here?

Just the Inspector getting a bit of post nap “inspection” on.

Very lovely so far, and that is one funny addition to the render :smiley:

@Frobenius.Edge: Thank you very much! I think harleynut97 sent his Inspector over to install a camera outside of my bathroom :stuck_out_tongue:

@Craig Jones: Thank you Sir! Yeah, I’m actually still laughing from that one! :smiley:

I have an update coming up as soon as I shovel more coal into Ol’ Betsy :stuck_out_tongue:

Update, just made a few more items and tweaked some materials(vases are just a test):

The oblong structures to the left, are they the beginning of stairs? If so I think the spacing is a bit wrong. Stairs or not, I’m not sure they’re necessary at all in my opinion, they seem a little confusing. Also, the piping under the sinks seems to be perhaps a bit too rough, I’m not sure, is that how the look normally? Still crazy good, even better with the updated image, keep going! :smiley:

–edit from seeing updated image–

So much better!! I think everything I mentioned is fixed other than the pipes under the sinks but they still look better!. Nice cabinet and vases! Again very glossy with the wooden(?) furniture, deliberate? I think I preferred the tiles that you had before, these look a little flat and small, and I think a line might be missing near the bath :stuck_out_tongue:

–My browser messed up and I posted the same thing twice–

An ode to an old Chicago boy … I don’t think he will be bothering you anymore Vicky :slight_smile:

@Words: Thanks again! :slight_smile: The stairs were just an idea, probably not going to use them, I was playing with having something in the foreground over there. I might turn them the other way too, we shall see :slight_smile: As for the glossy wood(mainly on the stool and mat I am assuming you are talking about?), I was looking at the gloss on this picture: I’ll probably tone it down and flatten it, I think it just needs some really low/flat specular is all. I wanted to separate those items from the shelf and cabinet, so I might have overdone the gloss and sharpened the spec too much. I might even use a lighter bamboo-ish color for the stool and mat, but the room seems to have a darker feel to it, so not sure how it will look.
I think the pipes may have too much blur on them, I plan on sharpening it up a bit. This is the style of pipes I was going for: Looks more glossy than mine, and maybe a bit anisotropic as well, so I might have to add that. I’m freaking hating this floor, so it’s going to change today :smiley: Thanks again, it’s nice to be motivated :slight_smile:
EDIT: Whoops, just reread your post, about the line on the floor. Yeah, I couldn’t figure out what was happening there to tell the truth. Normals are correct, and the materials are correctly separated(I initially though I had mistakenly left the black on that particular of the grout). Still scratching my head on that one :slight_smile:

@harleynut97: Ahahaha! Brilliant!! Do I detect a little John Belushi from Animal House there? LOL