BI Beauty

@Anthony C: Bwahaha!

@jblender: Thanks very much for the kind words, much appreciated! :slight_smile:

@Ace Dragon: Thanks for stopping by! :slight_smile:

Awesome work Ms Vicky!! as always your flowers are beautiful!!

Thanks a bunch, girl! :smiley: It’s the header at Blender Nation today! :eyebrowlift:

I had seen this work in Blender Nation the other day and I wondered who had done it. I really like it, it is beautiful. I would be very grateful if you tell me some clues to achieve those orange color/hue variations, like airbrush paints :slight_smile:

I have no idea how carbon fiber looks in reality, but I like that texture. I’m trying to mimic it:

Here I share the texture and Cycles nodes in case someone is interested:
(click Slow Download button to download)

Thanks YAFU! Here’s the mat, really simple:

Thanks VickyM72! Now I like even more your work, because having obtained excellent results in a simple way :slight_smile:

Very nice! Love the colours and the symmetrical/fractal kind of look.

Very pretty Vicky!!! I love this one!!!

Funny ! It’s remind me one of my blend (made a few years ago) :

Same colors, same shape …

I love abstract compositions.


@YAFU: You’re very welcome, and thanks again! :smiley:

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@tc2466: Thank you! :smiley:

@Bob: Thanks! Looks like matrix extrude from C4D(or multi-extrude from Blender), but I think the similarities end at “same color” :smiley:

Hi Vicky,

I love that peachy thing…the colors, shape, contrast of materials, symmetry, lighting.

It would make a good wall piece…it draws your eyes to it. Very nice altogether.

I haven’t done a lot of modeling in Blender yet, but would like to do organic “things”, too.
I’ve done similar things in C4D (though none so pretty), and would like to in Blender.

You’ve inspired us. :yes:

BTW, it would make a beautiful animation…just to move around it with the camera and/or put
a spin on it.

I like…imagine the garden it came from.

@megacal: Thanks a lot! I actually got started making these things(and abstracts in general) in C4D :smiley:

@Frank the Smith: Thanks very much! :smiley:


have you ever tried 3D fractals? Here is one of my favorites created with a free app,

Mandelbox and Flying Lights …turn on the sound (Chopin), to to full screen, sit back, enjoy.

It’s something I want to do, but am having so much fun with Blender right now, it may
be a while before I spend any time on 3D fractals.

Also, if you like symmetrical objects, check out another free app, TopMod…what a cool little app!
Something else I want to do…soon! :smiley:

TopMod gallery

Warning! May be habit forming! :eek:

Here’s my galleries of 3D fractals at deviantART…
Mandelbulb 3D:
They are both pretty fun to play around with, but it helps to know a bit about fractals :slight_smile:
As for TopMod, I used to use it quite a bit, but it is notoriously crashy as no one has done anything with it in years. You can do most of the stuff in any other 3D program, although TopMod has an amazing arch-bridge tool. I actually made the TopMod famous “linking stars” object in Blender: :smiley:

WOW! Beautiful work! :eek:

Also your Bryce art…stunning. A jedi you are. :smiley:
Do you post at, too?

Would love to be able to create similar objects in Blender…is there a tutorial
that shows how? E.g. this one. This one. Duplicate/Rotate?

Or this one. How did you twist it and add oval cutouts?

I didn’t know Blender could do this kind of modeling, but glad to know,
and I’ll try to learn how.

I like the way BI renders this kind of art…not realistic, but surrealistic.
Better than Cycles for this kind of artwork, imho.

Do you have any animations?

Very inspiring. I’ll add a link to your art at my website to show
what is possible with Blender.

Later…going through your Sketchbook and hope to learn something. :wink:

More later…1/2 way through Sketchbook and found this tutorial link. Thanks!
Will try asap. :smiley:

OMG…the bezier curves…have you sold any prints? They would look great
in a nicely matted frame.

This is really cool. I think I saw this used advertising the blender add-on for creating architecture.

@megacal: Thanks! The oval cutouts were done with Wireframe (select faces > Ctrl + E > Wireframe), then solidified. Both of those you mentioned are Twisted Torii, squished around with a couple of modifiers. I do not have any animations, I have a pretty weak PC :frowning:
Please show me your result of my tutorial, and let me know if something didn’t work, but I think you’ll be OK.
I think I have sold a postcard at deviantART, but I might make a few prints and do something with them on my own :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for the link on your website, very much appreciated! :smiley:

@infinitux: Thank you very much! Got a link, I’d like to see it!:smiley:

Hi Vicky,

I’m not an art critic, but your artwork is just superb, imho…if you ever put it in a local gallery on the wall, I know it would sell.

Thanks for the cutout info…can hardly wait to try it.

re: animating… what are the specs on your machine? How long did it take to render the object that started this thread?

I like to keep it down to <=1 min/frame…and if you like BI, MicroRender is great for animation…have you tried it?

Anyway, I hope you’ll do some animation, even if it’s just to rotate the object or move the camera through & around it.
I like to move the light as well to change the shadows…animate the colors…lots of cool possibilities.

Fluid & Softbody sims are a lot of fun, too. :smiley:

I’m rocking an old eMachine, but even if I had a nice PC, animations are not at all what I am interested in. I think this render took about 20 minutes. As for Microrender, it’s a demo with watermark, also not interested :slight_smile: I like to make stills and not worry about anything else, especially working for hours on an animation that lasts 8 seconds :smiley: I did actually do the BlenderDiplom tutorial on dissolving particles once: That’s the extent of my animation uploads right there LOL