BI Dining Area

Hey people!
This is something I was playing around with for a while, mainly focusing on lighting.

Pretty basic stuff here…
Wall texture made in GIMP, just some clouds blurred and pulled. Just used it as a bump here.
The picture on the wall was made by me in Vue 8xStream a while back, “clothified” in GIMP.
Sticks are bezier curves. Small amount of cloud bump added to the floor.
Lights are all areas, only the one on the left has shadows turned on, the others have no shadows and specular turned off so they don’t show anywhere on the glossy stuff.
Environment lighting on .3, sky color(very light blue)
Rendered in Blender internal, no nodes/compositing, no post-pro.

Really, that’s it, hope you dig it :smiley:

At first I thought “WOW, surrealism”, but then I sadly noticed that its just paintings :frowning: But I like lightning :wink:

@darkem: Haha! Sorry to disappoint, but thanks very much! :smiley:

Just a quick screeny for anyone interested :smiley:

I thought: woah! looks cool! love the clouds! the lighting doesn’t match… oh, wait, thats a painting. :stuck_out_tongue: nice work.

Hehe! Thanks very much! :smiley:

I would place the chairs in order :slight_smile: More contrast and some tweeking with color balance could give a bit more “Sunday morning” effect. But still it’s good. I like the floor.

Thanks! I did this with no post-pro, so contrast is out of the question :smiley:

Thank you for showing what BI can do. I like the floor.

Reminds me of my family’s house at Ocean Shores, on the coast line. Very good work.
I will say that I feel the texture of the canvas under the painting is scaled a bit poorly. Making the details smaller and less exaggerated might help a little, it just looks a little blown up. Almost like it was painted on burlap rather than canvas.

Ah thanks! :smiley:

I agree, and thanks! :smiley: