BI internal material to Cycles?

Hi folks,
I have searched through the forums and whilst there are some attempts to convert BI to cycles, none really seem to work and so I am hoping someone can help me with a “reverse engineering” approach.
I have attached a blend file with a simple object from the “Appetizer” tutorial for Blender.
I am hoping someone could reverse engineer the pimento material as Cycles nodes, as I am struggling to figure out how the various settings in the BI engine relate to cycles as they do not appear to have to like for like settings.

If it is possible and someone could do it for this one item, I can then look at all the other materials and go through the exercise of figuring out how they would be constructed. For example, the diffuse has a ramp setting with an alpha capability, how does that translate to the cycles diffuse? If at all? Or does the one “diffuse” setting in BI require multiple shader nodes in Cycles?

Or am I actually wasting my time as there is no way to correctly recreate a material?


BI_items.blend (670 KB)

Hi colkai ,

Here you can download a converter script.
(Top right “Download File”)

Yeah, I tried that but it’s just a basic glossy shader, in BI the shader is more complex, using diffuse with a ramp, transparency, spec, mirror ans subsurface scattering. I just, for the life of me, can’t figure out how to re-create it. :frowning:

can you show some bl set up so we can see how mat + text are made

and may be find a way to translate to cycles!

happy bl

There’s a link to a blend file in the first post with the object in, but here’s a compilation screen shot of the BI material.