Bic Matic Grip

I know this is a really simple render, but I’m new to making things look more realistic, so I decided to start with something small. It’s getting there; any suggestions?

Cycles or BI ? It looks good. To me maybe a bit more of illumination. Also the clip does not really look like metal

I made this in BI, and the clip is supposed to be black plastic, not metal.

Looks good. If you’re going for realism, I would add something to give the grip some bump, instead of being so smooth. spec seems too high on the grip as well. Also, it is slightly floating above the surface of the table.

Yeah, I fixed that floating issue, but the bumps on the grip sounds good. How do I do that?

There are a couple ways to acheive the bump.

  1. A Normal Map. Providing that this has been UV Mapped. Good for simple to minor details.

  2. A Displacement Modifier. This requires higher poly models for it to look good. The best looking option IMO.

  3. A Bump Map. The simplest to add and use. Can acheive very good results for minor to minute details.

You have a choice of what to use. Normal Maps are best used on objects that have been unwrapped. And to increase the amount of bump adjust the normal slider in the textures panel under the mapping tab. The same goes for a generated bump texture like clouds. If this is all one mesh then you would have to increase the face/poly count of the entire object to use the displacement modifier. And you would then have to use an alpha mask so it only affected the grip, that or make the grip it’s own object. I hope some of this made sense and was helpful.

Thanks, I’ll look into it. The grip is already its own object.

Maybe a spec and bump map on the table surface to create more realism…