BiColorAlb Theme

Here’s my theme. I hope you like it. If anyone finds any inconsistency or any visibility problem, I’d like you to comment. I have not proven it too much but I think it works quite well and everything is highlighted and contrasted in a good proportion.

BiColor (4.71 KB)

Força Barça

Una mica brillant, acava carregant els ulls ^^’ prova de fer el fons una mica més apagat, viam què tal :wink:

Gràcies Shonosh.

Finally someone says something.
You are right that is quite bright, especially when you have many open panels, but no more than most web pages or word processors.
In addition, most serial themes are dark and low contrast, some times are even difficult to read, especially when viewed from a projector.
I sought the maximum contrast, work areas are dark and panels of text and attributes are clear. Most themes are dark, so switching this is shocking, but after a while you get used to, at least I do.
In Edit Mode I have also sought that is visible in most Matcaps and blue prints with white background. Unfortunately the colors, blue i red, are also very common in Matcaps. I left the green to the active object.
In principle, what worries me more is text visibility or that something it’s not apriecie as it should. Make it a bit garish is part of the grace, you can be funny without losing functionality.

A test over different Matcaps.
The compresion of .jpg change a bit the colors.