Bid on building a character rig (no Help Wanted section yet?)

Since there is no “Help Wanted” or “Hire Blender Artists” sections of the forum, I am posting here due to the highest traffic.

I need a good character rig (biped, human), GoW/UE3 complexity (includes facial rig for cinematics), yet easy to work with (look at the CAT for 3DSMAX for a reference to “easy to work with”). The rig is for a video game. Need to be able to adjust it to fit various characters (different body types, but all still humans).

Looking for high quality and reasonable price. Thank you.

wow, no riggers ?

I would be interested. Is there a budget established? For a look at my character creation/rigging see the Train-Toons link in my sig. Thanks.

Hit me with the price, in pm if you wish.