Biden VS. Palin

I was just watching the debate and to be honest I’m a little disappointed. I’m rooting for Palin and she is really having a hard time. Some of her answers were good, but she is tripping over herself alot and she changed her stance on Global Warming and what should be done about it to bring it in line with political correctness. I was especially disappointed with the debate on Iraq withdrawl. If I heard correctly, it went like this:

Biden said that it was time to hand control to the iraqis over the next 16 months. He said that ironically Bush was finally agreeing and doing the same thing. He then said that the fundamental difference between him and McCain was that McCain would keep the war going forever. Was he forgetting that the whole premise of their campaign was that McCain is Bush 2.0?
I didn’t mind Biden saying that when obviously their plans are about the same now, but then Palin said “your strategy is to put up a white flag” which really made me mad becuse at this point the two sides of the isle(spelling?) should be agreeing(and if I understand correctly do). Six months ago, pre surge, the plans were different- now we both agree it’s time for a withdrawl. Both of them on energy were… useless.

I’m still for them but I was hoping that McCain would align himself more to Palin, rather than her conform to his policies(naive, I know. Heres for hoping).

What did you guys think?

Oh yeah, another part I was disappointed with was when Biden brought up McCains support of deregulation of the mortgage industry, asserting that he contributed to the current crises. Palin responded by saying we need to lower taxes.
They gave her a second chance, and she kept going on about taxes until finally she said something about it but I can’t remember what it was cause it didn’t help much. :frowning:

I’m listening too, and would like to speak out about what I think…

but…Political talk is against forum rules…I think. =]


Not it isn’t:

Before you engage anyone in or create a new thread about politics, religion, your mothers or any other reprehensible topic take a moment to review what you said… I’m not asking that any of you abstain from this forum or any topics therein

me thinks…


Politics, political expression and political propaganda are considered inappropriate

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Crap, this is the only forum I’m a member of with any semblance of intelligent debate.

Try Ebaum’s World. They’re the most sophisticated people you’ll ever talk to.

From the portion I did watch, Palin seemed to be more interested in pointing out the negatives in what her opponent said, rather than answering the questions given to her. I question what the heck was going through her head when she said there is nothing McCain will have to change. That was clearly a lie. Optimistic of her, but a lie.

The one thing that worries me about her is that she is for teaching abstinence when a certain member of her family is the living embodiment of why teaching safe sex is the better alternative.

I like the idea of taxing higher income earners. They have substantially more to give so it makes sense to stop taking more from the poor. It doesn’t seem like a truly progressive tax, but it’s a good start.

I just wonder, when will the time come when we have to choose one of two excellent candidates instead of the lesser of two evils?

Correct, political discussion is not allowed.