Bidirectional interior with Yafaray

(Riofranco) #1

Hi !
Here my first work with the Bidirectional Pathtracing method. You can visit my WIP for more information.
Critics & comments are welcome !

(Farmfield) #2

Absolutely awesome. :smiley:

I guess this is all ‘natural lighting’ and GI?

(marcoG_ita) #3

Really cool, congrats! The wall is really convincing. Love the Swan chair too. Not sure about the carpet not aligned with the frame.

Anyways, cool stuff.

Kind regards

(comeinandburn) #4

this looks great!

Do you think there should be deeper seams between the wood planks on the wall? just a thought.

So glad you posted this here!

(Utopia780) #5

I’m speechless… the detail level is incredible!

Did you post-pro it or is a “direct” render?
You think it’s possible to achieve the same results with cycles?

It feels so right!


Not bad.

Render without postproduction is unfinished render. This one is placed in finished projects so You can bet that there certainly is a postproduction. Look closely, btw.

Any renderer which supports GI (and two type of materials) can do this. It’s about rendertime which means that Cycles is really not suitable for this.

(Utopia780) #7

It’s about rendertime which means that Cycles is really not suitable for this.

Don’t get it… what do you mean?


Cycles (in current form) is not designed (optimized) for interior rendering. You’ll have to wait very long to get noise-free result.

(Ray Tungsteen) #9

Rio, thanks for this lesson in excellence, as usual!

It was worth studying the WIP in detail, and I note the final image presented here is an improved version of the one posted in the WIP (except for the overdone CA which I never care about). Most impressive is the post work you did on the cupboard: it seems you added a shadow on the left side, tonal brightening on the doors, and completely altered how the separation between the doors looks. Very impressive all round! (Can’t resist this though - what were you thinking with the BI volumetric shadows? :smiley: )

About Cycles, wouldn’t this scene be ideal for it? Lit with one large light source, the little lamp not contributing much.

(mookie3d) #10

Great image, models and textures are absolutely top notch! How did you make such a nice cloth on the chair? Is it Cloth modifier?

5 stars from me!

(Riofranco) #11

Thanks all for comments !

Utopia780_ You can see differences between raw render and postcompo in my WIP on Yafaray website. Maybe I will convert it to Cycles, for comparison, it’s a good idea.

rozmiarek_ Thanks ( Mookie :wink: ), I’m glad you like my image. Yes I used the Cloth modifier to make the cover. But I spend 60% of my total time of work to make good plies of fabric ( and some sculpting improvements).

(Kemmler) #12

I think I could render something similar in Cycles in less than an hour…

That said, very nice looking!

(Utopia780) #13

Please do!

(Riofranco) #14

Hi !


I do, here my Cycles version ( I’m not an expert with Cycles):

(Farmfield) #15

Mmm, I switched back and forward between them 20 times… An opinion about which is ‘better’ is taste, nothing else. Imo. It’s like using the same camera but switching between Kodak and Fuji film, hehe…

(monsterdog) #16

Thanks for the comparison. I like your Yafaray materials and washed out lighting better, with the exception of the cloth material on the blanket which I think is really nice in Cycles.

As Farmfield said, a matter of taste. Both look excellent.

How long did it take to render in Cycles vs. Yafaray?

(marcoG_ita) #17

Cool comparison…i agree with Farm too. Did you invert the wall bump map? Yafaray wall bump is the opposite of Cycles.

Interesting how Cycles catches more light bounces under the cabinet. How many bounces did u set in the Integrator?

Really nice work, again. Congrats


(Farmfield) #18

Seeing to the result being so similar that’s actually the only question that’s important - and I missed it… ;D

So yeah, that’s a really good question! :slight_smile:

(ncunningham) #19

…my only crit is that someone needs to neaten up that cable hanging behind the cabinet! :wink:

A great render…as for the Cycles vs BI debate, I think that BI gives a richer/warmer feel to the light, but I suppose that could be adjusted too. The two are so similair that it would have to come down to complexity of setup and render time to decide the winner.

(marcoG_ita) #20

@Slyporkie - It’s Yafaray vs Cycles, not BI :wink: