Biege Room

Been working on this for a couple of months off and on. Not really sure I like it much so I thought I put it here to see where maybe some improvements can be made, as I have yet to be steered wrong here.
Thanks for any comments/crits.

I think the plant could use some work, right now is like fosforescent.
Scaling of objects is ok, but i don’t like the pillar between the couches.
Lighting: the light seems like coming from the top and behind; i think is better if you “shift” the mayority of the light to be coming from the windows, you can try adding some area lamps near the windows, maybe the ones at the right.
I would also move or add another painting/picture on the wall at left, to balance the scene.

I agree that the plants are a bit glowy and the first thing when I saw the pillar was- how do they clean back there? Really, it would be a pain. I think the black throw is a bit too black. Realistically, even a brand new black blanket would have a few bits of lighter colours (dust, lint, etc) scattered on it. The material of the pillows looks a bit too similar to the ottomans; are they made of wicker as well? Perhaps make the weave a bit tighter on the pillows.

Hey guys, thanks for the input. I agree about the plant, actually I thought I had put a darker green on it because I got the same comment at home. I also agree about the pillar, it is however in the reference photo I used so I put it in. As far as the pillows and the ottomans go, I think perhaps a different material as neither are wicker but again I was trying to stay as true to the reference photo as I could. One thing I know for a fact though, I do appreciate you taking the time to view this and comment.
Thanks, Els

What an amazing job! It looks realistic and inviting.

Wow indeed! what happened in 24 hours? It looks amazing now.
The rug looks relistic and the plant looks so real…
The blanket and the couch too!

Would you mind telling if the plant is an image? it looks so real I thought it miht be an image on a plane.
Did you do the couch with scultping?

Anyway it looks great! I think you could post it in Finished projects if you wanted.

I’m sorry guys, I should have said that I am posting the reference image just to show that the pillar was not my idea.

Are you guys serious? I know 3D has come a long way over the years, but I’m pretty sure that’s the reference photo.

Some tweaks and this could be a very nice image.

lol, well that explains it!

From the reference photo, the couch looks like it is pulled away from the pillar a bit, I think that would help avoid the constrained look in the corner. The couch and chair also need a bump/normal map to soften the rigid appearance.

Haha I was confused at first too with the reference picture! I think some things to add could be to detail out the couch/chair more. In the reference picture the sides don’t just connect straight up to the top, there is a straight part connection with the curled arm rest. Also the cushion itself expands around the arm rest in a T shape. I also agree with adding a bump/normal map to the couch/chair. I think the textures on the ottomans needs to be toned down some to be the softer colors of the reference picture. I think you did a nice job so far creating the scene though!