Hi guys, some time ago I made a project of the house called Bieszczady. In this project I used an incoming addon for Blender - Graswald. As a rendering engine I used Corona Standalone with linked objects. In the future if it will be necessary I can make a tutorial about this, because a lot of people has got problems with linking and make Corona working with Blender.

More photos:

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I also made a few models that I would like to share with you:

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Cheers and happy blending to all:)


looks good! let me know when the tutorial is up :wink:

They look great! I’m also interested in your tutorials. I tried Corona before but had a problem with linking foliage. I liked the renderer though.

Amazing work! Love those foliage. Which version of blender and corona exporter are you using?


tutorial please.

Very nice!! Tut needed :slight_smile:

thanks a lot, I will when I will have some free time and my another personal project will be finished.

Thanks. Some time ago I found another way to make it work, so stya tunned:)

I’m using Blender 2.78c and Corona exporter vers. 7.4.13. As Corona renderer in this case I was using Corona 1.6.3 demo version and Currently I come back to corona blender standalone free version (1.5 I think)

Thanks:) I will. Currently I’ve got some deadlines so I do not have a lot of time to do it.

By far one of the best Archvix renders done with blender! Damn i need Corona, to bad OSX is still problem…

Man those people have a bumpy ride when they get back home, look at those holes

Great job! :open_mouth:

This is amazing work. The lighting is absolutely perfect, lovely renders :slight_smile:

Zorian! Lovely work. I am curious about a detail I’m seeing in the light coming from your wall sconces, something that’s been greatly troubling me in my own work. The light seems to fall more to the right or left under the sconces rather than spreading evenly to both sides. It’s more apparent in your second, zoomed-out image. This happened to me recently on a project and drove me crazy, I couldn’t figure out what made the light fall more to one side along the wall. Figured something was strange with Cycles and my geometry. Yet here you are using Corona, and getting the same kind of lighting imbalance I was experiencing. Is this intentional in your scene? Am I missing some deep truth about how light falls on a wall from a sconce? :confused:

I really love your renders; especially the last one. Although, you might want to add blur / focus to the first two. It would make them look even more realistic!

Looking good. Maybe the sky is too much the same color like the wall.

In this case it is problem with the ies profiles. In Corona for Blender you need to change rotations of X, Y or Z ies profile to keep it straight. Sometimes it is working well, sometimes not.

wowwww this grass, amazing

Woaaah, you made an amazing work, dude!
But I think you need to add blue color to the sky.

Nice work mate! Tutorial would be great!