(BIFA)BlenderInternationalFootball Assosiation...

hi. I am working on a soccer game. I’m only a programmer in dire need of a team. For now you can just download the blend file and see how you can help me please.↲↲the blend file consists of a pitch, a player to goal posts and a ball. The things you can do with the playe is↲-Run forward with ball↲-charge shot power and shot (implemented in python)↲As you can see there’s a lot of functionality to be covered, i planning to make this an open source soccer game for blender, a standard that other fifa or soccer fans might want to look at for reference in creating their own soccer ↲↲Open the blend file to see what i need help on and please, the little that you add will help alot in the blender community thanks


SimplySoccer.blend (390 KB)