Big - A Cheerful Beagle 3D Dog Model

hi people.
This is my latest project, the main idea was to study illumination and the fur with eevee. The biggest deal was the fur shader due to eevee doesn’t has principled hair shader, but I like the result.
I hope you like! Any suggestion are welcome.

Complete project with wires and a turntable video:


Nice attempt considering it’s Eevee. The hair shader isn’t perfect, but it does work for the overall style of the image.

I have a beagle named Milo, he is about as friendly as a dog can get.

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nice work !!!

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Thanks man!

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Thanks man! Yeah, the shader is complicated. We can still waiting for the new improvement.

The truth is Eevee is always going to be behind Cycles in a few things, simply because of the difficulty of getting some features to work using shader-based scanline tech. This is despite the rapid advance it enjoyed since the dawn of PBR.

However, it is possible to get Cycles-like results with the right setup, but it will be a more involved process.

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