Big animated sequence w/ grass particles and system resources...

I’m trying to do an animation in which the camera moves over a grass field at a fast pace. I have the grass particle system set up to look how I want it. The problem is that if I apply this system to a plane big enough to accommodate the entire animated sequence, I have WAY more particles than my system can handle. Only a fraction of those particles will be visible at any given time. The problem is not so much a render-time problem. Blender just gets very slow and practically inoperable when I’m working with a scene that has all the data I will potentially need. So how can I go about this with the resources I have? Will I have to somehow divide the animation into multiple scenes?

If your PC or Mac can’t handle a lot of particles, use the alternative, Dupliverts. Or you can convert the particles into a mesh.

Uhhhh…I’m using strands as particles. How would dupliverts be able to duplicate this effect and how would they use less resources anyway? And converting particles into a mesh!? How might that work?

What if you made a vertex group that basically covers your camera’s route? So you would have to subdivide the emitter quite a bit, then you could create a vertex group and assign only the vertices in the camera path to the emitter. Grass would only grow within the vertex group.


263_grass_vertex_group.blend (1.48 MB)