big animation question

I have a rig where the animation one starts at the orgin and does a dance. Then i have another animation two that starts at a different x y z location. I like to blend the animation together so that animation two of walking would then take place at the end position to a dance and blend nicely together. how can one do this?

check the docs on NLA strips, which are basically reformatted actions, which you can stack, blend, and do some other stuff to. you create them from actions. once you make an action, you add a new action, which will be a copy of the old one. delete all the action keys and replace them with new action keys. do a few more new actions if you like. then you make all of those actions into nla strips, and you can shuffle and blend them as needed.

Also, at this point, think about what’s going to be going on with the camera. Is this a game? Is this one long “take” showing all the action in one sitting, or are you going to have a series of shots from different camera angles? If so, then each shot is separate and is treated separately, although in a consistent way from shot to shot.

Lots of times, for projecting emotion and so-forth, a great many shots are used, and these shots are often layered with many composited-in elements to help to reinforce mood.

thanks for the help guys