big ass sword

yo guys i made this a few days ago its something like a ninja sword i think its kind of cool but i also think something is missing what do you guys think of it?

the pictures are a little small but just click on them to zoom in :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice model. I like the second render the most. You’ll have to work more on your presentation and lighting setup (blended background, shadowing, object placement etc.).
Try to make your textures less bumpy. Remove the fine bumps from the nomal map and only put them in the diffuse map. Also do not represent the dirt / stains inside the normal map too much, use the diffuse + specular for that :wink:

I really like the idea of the blue emitting lines. You should improve on that idea.

Is it for a game?

Also put some wireframe shots up please !

yes i know but i have a problem i don’t see shadow when i render and i don’t what the problem is because my cousin see the shadow in the same blender file and i don’t i really don’t know what the problem is.
and yes its for a game.

thanks for the tips

Are you using the same version of Blender? Try enabling soft shadows (“Ray shadows” for all lights and the “Ray” button on the render panel) and repositioning the lights, shadow catchers (the sword) and the shadow receivers (the ground, wall etc.). Also do not overuse, keep it subtle.

See the following URL for examples:

The lowpoly look nice. I think you can reduce the poly count even more. For example reduce the number of sides on the cylinder used for the grip.

Can’t wait to see the improved version :eyebrowlift2: