Big Bang theorum

I was watching a cool doc last night about the universe - it was explaining how its gonna die out and become a vast emptiness. Then they reckon a last black hole will explode once it dies causing the makings of new atoms etc. They put across the idea that thats maybe how our universe was created - and we’re probably one of many from a previous universal death. Mind boggling

I always couldn’t get my head around the whole big bang thing - like coming from nothing - this lends to a fascinating theory. Anyone hear of this?

how would we come from the death of another if the other had nothing to create it?

I foresee this thread dying out and becoming a vast emptiness… by being locked…

Like what came first the chicken or the egg? Thats the beauty of it - we’ll never know - but our minds are able to at last at least comprehend how it came about. Fascinating stuff - and always an amazing topic for arists.

And there you go - who’s to say how the previous universe was created and how long it survived. They reckon it’ll take trillions of years before this one dies - and it will go wit a bang and - then the cycle starts again. So the pre universe years could be as old as time itself - head melt

This thread is not an invite for religious argument.

I recall once watching an interview with Stephen Hawking, where he explained a similar idea. If I recall he stated that the Big Bang caused the universe to expand outward do to the force of the blast. At some point that initial force will be overcome by gravity and the universe will collapse back into itself. The concentration of all the mater back to the center of the universe will start another Big Bang. Thus the universe is a never ending cycle of creation and destruction. To think they say there is no perpetual motion possible in the universe, when it would appear the hole damn thing is one big perpetual motion machine. Anyway, that is the best I recall.

Dundaglan, that’s an intriguing idea, like this universe is part of a chain reaction but as we are so small compared to the universe it seems to move incredibly slowly, maybe.

BTW, what channel was that doc on?

People do have all those way out theories of how the Universe today came to be.

I know how the Universe came to be (guess what book I know that from)?

Hmm. Yeh it said the last black hole will have nothing else to consume that it wil die and explode. Glad i saw it as i was having a hard time trying to comprehend nothingness and then the universe. At least there’s a possibility of smething playing out in the background to give rise to the first moment of the universe

It was on discovery channel… plus 1 :slight_smile: last night skip methinks

Free your mind and your ass will follow - now what film was that from?

Big bang theory is only that: a Theory, but if you want the truth go here:

Hippity Hoppity Goes Shopping…? :smiley:

…film version of the book Hippity Hoppity Goes Shopping:smiley:

How could millions of particles be made from 2 hitting each other? A bang alone is made of millions so a big bang must be made of trillions!

We didn’t come from “Nothing” the theory is that the entire unvirse came from an extremely dense cloud of hydrogen and helium, this cloud exploded forming many of the atoms we know of and use today

I think the idea they were getting at is that the whole universe is squashed into the singularity and then realised again - creating a universe and others similar. Not talking paralell but just others, like someone blowing bubbles or so

Well how did those atoms get there?

Recent experimental evidence shows that the expansion of the universe is not being slowed down by gravity but is rather accelerating.

Research also suggests that a black hole singularity would remain a black hole; so there would be no follow up explosion.

But nothing has been proved - further findings on dark matter and dark energy could, theoretically, change things.

The big bang theory doesn’t account for where the singularity came from. It attempts to explain the expansion and uniformity of the universe.

It is a mistake to ask that question because our current models indicate that the big bang was a singularity of space-time, which means time literally started with the expansion of space (i.e. the big bang). So the concept of time (before and after) directly preceding this expansion is meaningless. Hawking likened it to asking “what’s north of the north pole?”. So to ask about causation is a direct implication of the existence of time, which we don’t believe to have been the case.


time doesn’t just start(our sense of it) it always has been and forever will be. If how your suggesting how the universe was made then how did the atoms get there after time “started” as you say then?

here’s something to think about:
the Big Bang theory is supposed to be a theory explaining the origin of the universe, the beginning of time, the start of all things. If it doesn’t explain where the point came from, what contained that point, how that container got there, and how long it had been there (especially considering that time supposedly began with the “bang”), then it doesn’t explain the origin at all.

What are you trying to say? That you know how it all started?