Big Bang

i did design a big-bang scene.
unfortunately texture of fire and bang…

Why are there rocks in the big bang?? Should only be gases.

in the first seconds of big bang there was even no light…

I think it looks great! I love the fluid sort of plasma like fire effects you have going on. I agree that it’s probably not all that realistic for the actual big bang, but in artistry I think you can do pretty much whatever you like. Surely I enjoy a work focused on realism, but I truly enjoy works that have a great deal of a persons creativity involved.

okeeyyy… can be supernova? :smiley: thank all comments

Nobody can even say for sure if there was a big bang, let alone what it looked like. It’s just another wild scientific theory.
Awesome effects! I salute you!

Quacky, The big bang is pretty much fact, (as in it is supported by a huge amount of evidence from various scientists) exact details / causes are the areas of more disputed theories.

I like the picture, the pieces of rock look very goods and the lighting is brilliant :smiley:

Yeah, and evolution is also just a theory :smiley:

I simply wouldn’t call this picture Big Bang, because as stated before, this picture has nothing to do with what the Big Bang was like. Of course, there’s no possibility of realistically portraying it, but at least it had most certainly nothing to do with rocks or light emission that we know from explosions in our world…

But that’s just the name. The image itself is very well done. Good composition and nice colours :slight_smile:

thanks so much your comments and criticism!
@ Quacky and Jon Dawe, I did use the GİMP. and again thanks for your informations of the big-bang theory.
@ Skydiver haha, do you believe in the evolution theory? :slight_smile:
and ehm… I just did use defocus in compositing. :wink:

Shame on me, I do! I’m a heretic, so please stone me :wink:

sorry for to shame you. :frowning: (((me too; I’m a heretic and I believe the evolution))) whatever;
see you soon of another project. :wink:

Lol, the Big Bang is one of the easiest things you can render realistically!

Anyway, motion blur would really add to the scene.

yes it is!
and…unfortunately my computer is power not enough to motion computer freezes too much in the blender. CPU 2 GB, RAM 2 GB graphics card 2 GB…

I give evolution 2 opposable thumbs up! ( and also this render )

I like it, its something I’m going to do soon :slight_smile:

Plus I can see you didn’t say the big bang, just big bang lol

sorry, I don’t understand, I am didn’t say “the” ? :slight_smile:

at the top someone talks about your render as if you made the big bang, but i could see you just made a big bang!! trying to be funny!!

okey, was now ! :p:o maybe you need a bigger explosion! :smiley: :smiley: .D

Yeah, like gravity or evolution.

gravity?! Everyone can say “there is gravity”!