big battle scene in theworks

(Darkelfv) #1 is my latest image of some of the
models i have been working on, i plan on animating this whole scene as well. Please tell me what you think.!!

(kaktuswasse) #2


You shuold work on the texturing and lighting. This lighting is pretty boring and it’s not very
nice when you can see the end of the “earth” :smiley:
Further you should make trees and all that stuff,because you won’t find a place like this :o

Can you post a bigger pics of the models as well? cuz you can’t see very much of them
in this pic :wink:

cya henrik

P.S.: keep on working

(halibut) #3

Nice picture, but its hard to tell if the 2 models at the back on the left are floating or on the ground, some shadows should fix this! :slight_smile:
Also the white models i think would look better textured, they look too clean for an enviroment like that.

How about a close up of the models? It would probably do them more justice :slight_smile:

ohh, and how about a planet or moon in the sky, that way it would look more like the scene is set on some distant planet, (the colours in the atmosphere make it look too much like earth)

would like to see the animation :smiley:

  • halibut

(Darkelfv) #4

cool ideas, thx, I actualy have some other ideas already. this is just the quick set up. I havent added any real texture yet, and I will do lots of close ups with the animation. I going to have some broken down architechture and rocks and maybe grass to add. I really havent done anything with the lighting either. as far as the models go I have posted what they look like on diffeernt posts before.

So this is the first of many improvments, I will update this and show you guys again, does anyone have ideas for the actual animation?

(halibut) #5

for the animation:

Some explosions :slight_smile: debris flying around, and the snow (is that snow?) melting when theres an explosion near it. Or craters in the ground where it has been blown away :slight_smile:

  • halibut

(Darkelfv) #6

yes explosions are a must. I think i can do craters (mesh deform) can you do textures on ipos? though? pieces flying around. I going to change the ground, I want more of a mountain kinda look with a small platoo with rubage of a old castle left behind. I think im going to work on the lighting next though. get good shawdows and really set the mood before i start changing too much. then i will set up the landscape and then animate all the indvidual guys. I trick i leared is to make one all riged with no ipos, then copy it and it will have seperate ipo so you can animate them all seperatly, if you start animating one thing then copy it , it has lots of issues with seting up all new ipos. have to either delete the old ones or work around them, it makes a mess.