"Big Beak" - The Lodge

Not much to show yet.

This model is for “The Lodge”, a film in progress directed by Dylon Kiker. It’s intended to be a gigantic vulture.

The previous model I did for this project is visible here. (yes the topology has improved on that since then)


Here is some more work. I’ve been kind of lazy recently after the end of my semester. You know how it is. I am picking up speed though.

Edit - I just noticed that 6-pole under the ear canal. I will fix that shortly.


Looks pretty good, although (it might just be from this view) the topology of the nose/hole/things looks kinda messy.

nice work

from which region is this volture coming from ?
i mean south USA or south America ?

i did one last year from Egypt and it does not have the same shape
but your’s looks like what we see in south USA i guess!

how are you going to do the feathers ?
is it with some UV mapping
or you’ll model some of the feathers like on CG cookies in 3D?

happy 2.5

Yeah, I agree. It’s been fixed now. Thanks for the crit.

I don’t know much of anything about vultures. The job calls for the creation of a giant vulture, and I am allowed to take creative license on the details. As for the feathers, I haven’t figured that out yet, but I will look at the production of the bird characters in Plumiferos for guidance.

Here is the update. I’ve improved the topology and begun work on the body.


I have some more work to show. The picture included with my wips are one of my reference pictures. I post it to show that the full length of the wing is higher than the length of the physical limb shown in my wip images.


don’t know find the body to wide at top!
look at the pic seems to be smaller

but cant wait to see how your going to do the feathers on this naked chicken ! LOL

interesting keep up the good work

happy 2.5

The modeling is excellent, just like what we would expect from someone who has had a lot of experience modeling creatures.

Can’t wait to see him textured, shaded, and lit.

Cool! i can’t wait to see how you do the feathers!

Thanks guys, I know I can wait to do the features… This is a serious first for me.

I shrunk the head a bit and changed the slope of the leading edge of the wing. Some feathers were added, and they share the same UV for ease of texturing. The ‘back panel’ of the wing will be textured and possibly merged with the actual geometry - making a non manifold mesh. in the process - if you get close to the edges of it you can see it floating a little over the wing despite the fact that the verticies are matched up exactly with the ones on the wing.

The tail is probably going to be replaced with feathers, though I may have a smaller panel/billboard underneath it to give it a little depth when I texture it.

Thanks AD, but prior to this I have had zero experience with birds. I guess there is a first time for everything.


This is your first time making a bird? That’s amazing! The output from my first try at something like that was so terrible, I deleted it. Excellent job! My only crit is that I think the upper body might be just a bit to large. But other than that, It’s shaping up nicely! I can’t wait to see the feathers either.

if anybody has lot’s of experience with feathers
i hope they can give some feedback here to how to do feathers

there was plumo something which had something like that i think
but don’t know where to find infor on this !

any feedback on feathers would be nice and help

happy 2.5

The script requires that a person is able to sit on the shoulders (with legs on both sides of the neck), so I gave it a small hump just behind the neck. I’ve also figured out what to do with the feathers - I will be using a mixture of actual physical feathers and large textured surfaces. I’ve decided to leave the shoulders as is, for asthetic reasons (it’s a giant after all).

Thanks SSimpossible. Most of the feathers will be textured in. The physical feathers are there to add depth and a sense of dynamics when it moves.

I downloaded pictures of Plumiferos characters from online and the website. If you look a lot of the detail is just textured in. Since this model is for live action purposes I’ll have to make it more realistic, but I think I can still do it fundamentally the same way.

Here are some updated screenshots. I think I still have some work to do in the tail area, and where the legs meet the body - but it’s nice to see it coming together.


Aso take a look at the bird from Big Buck Bunny, the wing and tail feathers were done nicely, with more realistic proportions and textures it would be quite good.

I have been doing feathers by using hair particles visualizing as planes. Actually got some nice soft body movement adding some secondary motion with the feathers.
This way you can cut and comb your billboards on the body, lots of control. Doesn’t seem to work in 2.5, the objects don’t follow the tangent of the hair for some reason.

One thing to not forget, is that birds can puff up their feathers, and do so quite often, displaying different emotions or reactions this way. A content bird will puff up his feathers as he roosts. To achieve this I have experimented with one feather and bone controlling the x axis rotation of all of the dupliverted ones, allowing a full body puff. Just some ideas.

i just did another test with UV mapping on a wing and it looks not bad cause the pic is nice
but from a 3D perspective it does not looks good at all
it’s a plane image not in 3D

for the hair with plane can you laod up a sample file to see how to and what it looks like in 3D
it might be better then a simple plane UV mapping!

don’t forget 2.5 is still in alpha stage so not eveythng work fine yet!

happy 2.5

Dave Ward did a tutorial on feathers recently http://www.blendercookie.com/2010/04/29/modeling-feathery-wings/

I haven’t watched it yet as it runs close to 1 hour.

Great work thus far BTW.



yes i did that one work well ounce you do it a few times from CG cookie!

but this one would be nice for some fluffy feathers like in Neck bottom legs!

but not for the main feathers on the wing!

there is another thread on how to make a rig wing in forum
but never been able to follow the instructions
but i have the file and have to study it more carefully to understand it in detail
that one use 3D individual feathers for the wing

if i can finally redo ithis one it might give better 3D results then a mapp plane !

happy 2.5

Thanks for the link Kiwi. I’ll watch it soon.

For the model I slimmed the torso down a bit and worked on a few other small areas. Then I unwrapped it. The feathers were unwrapped immediately after I created the first one - so they can share the same texture. I did mostly the same thing with the tail feathers.


Here’s a little texturing work. It’s not much to look at right now though.


I know I don’t post here much but I am working. Here’s an update:

After much laborious texturing and grooming, I am nearly done with this creature. I have a rig to clean up and a few other small things and then that’s it! I am considering creating a quick scene for it – perhaps something to give it scale.