BIG (Blender Interactive Games)........A new team is in town

(Appolonius) #1

A new team is in town. Watch out!
The team is TazyTiggy, hmetalcowgirl, and I(Appolonius). TazyTiggy is the boss.
Our first game will be a gocart racing game and maybe a few side projects.
We hope to become a huge success and be able to sell our games(in the future) or atleast donations :wink: lol.
Wish us luck :smiley:

ps. A few game tutorials may be on the way :smiley:

(Abracsis) #2


If you’ve covered modelling, python, logic, scene set ups, level design and texturing wit the three of you and have someone to clearly lay out the tasks at hand then it could work.


(doogs) #3

When you develop games as good as Armadillos and Super Smash Blaster, then talk to me. Till then good luckkkkkk LOL

(OTO) #4

Good luck to the new team!!!


(TazyTiggy) #5

We are a new team, and you don’t need to post such a negative reply to Appolonius’ post. You don’t have to worry about us talking to you, with such a big head we wouldn’t be able to get a single word in.

(Abracsis) #6

who are you talking to, do0gs was only joking


(iconjunky) #7

Yeh, good luck new team! :slight_smile:

Are you workin on a entry for the contest?
(Like to know what i might be up against! :wink:


(Blender_owl) #8

yeah, calm down. doogs was only joshing with you guys. If you cant take some thing as small as this then theres no point for you guys to post here cause it happens alot. So suck it up like a man and get on with your life.

its kinada getting hot. ( i feel a flame war comming on :-? )

(TazyTiggy) #9

I am not a man, and the comment is only part of the story. It upset one of my team members, and I felt it needed to be addressed.

BTW the subject of the post says doogs

(Blender_owl) #10

sorry bout the man thing, whats the rest of the story.

(Pooba) #11

Everybody throw pennies at the newbies!!!

No, just kidding. Hope your team thing becomes a sucess, i tried a while ago and had like 6 people, but nobody came to meetings. Some of them acually just dissapeared from the face of the earth and never posted on message boards or answered e-mail again. The Team Blender Curse?


(ineedanewbi) #12

u guys haven’t been here as long as we have. if you have, you’d know that several team have attepted to make great games.

ive seen tons of teams… i even tryed to work for 2 of em. they all fall apart. we have yet to see a good product come out of a team.

the best games known are actually made by ppl working on their own (ex. monkeyboi’s maharaja and blengine’s… well he’s the god of blender)

if you guys dont live near each other and work together (litterally, in a room together), getting work done is actually a lot harder. communication is important.

if u guys have been around as long as we have, u’d know what we think about teams. they’re all talk and no work…sad and disapointing really, hopefully your team will break this prejudice belief

you really need a dedicated leader, who will force/ecourage the team to continue working… making sure things are done and dont fall apart

im just trying to help,
if u guys ever need any help/advise or knowledge, u guys can ask me
i actually want to see a good team make somthing good for once
GOOD LUCK!!! :slight_smile:

(TazyTiggy) #13

Two of us live next door to each other, so that isn’t a problem. Yes the other one lives quite a ways away, but I don’t think that is going to be a problem. We have just started and we already have quite a bit finished. We just want to make a simple game to start out with and see where that leads, we hope to something more. But we just have to see where it all leads, and if it doesn’t lead that far, atleast we tried and had fun doing it.

(Blender_owl) #14

dont listen to ineedanewbi :smiley: :wink:
good games can come out of teams (wait till Brainstorm Studios wins the contest) , but it is hard to organize meetings I know.

(gargola) #15

i work alone :frowning: no team here. is that why my games are not good? :-?

(Blender_owl) #16

The reason why alot of games arent that good is cause you guys arent game designers you guys are just modellers and programmers who wanna make games(most of you). I have about 4 books on game design. I study games. when i wanna start making a game i start off with a design doc. Flesh out your ideas in the doc. Do Concept art.
We spent (the BSS Team) more time on fleshing out detials of the game and doing concept art than actually working on the game. If you want i can give you a design doc templete that we use. ( its about 50 pages)
If you wanna learn more on game design go to and and
Some good books are by Mark Saltzman (Secrets of the Sages 1,2,and 3)
hope that helps.
And you should join a team. It helps lessen the load. But you can succesfuly make a game on your own. Its just a little harder

(TazyTiggy) #17

so far meetings havn’t been a problem with the person who lives in another state, but the neighbor teamate hasn’t been in one yet. But I tell them what they missed, and we have a password protected page that list what we talked about, and were we are on the development, blend files and pics. I think I have everything organized ok at the moment, we are also making a web site for the team. At the moment all it says is UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

edited to add:
I have the book Secrets of the Sages 2

(Blender_owl) #18

i got the third and the second edition ( Buy the third edition it comes with a design doc and a c++ tutorial, and alot more interviews)

(hmetalcowgi) #19

hi i’m the other member

(TazyTiggy) #20

When I got the book it came with C++, and Direct X 7.0, and e-books for using both.