Big Blue Marble

I’m sure you’ve seen this before…Any comments appreciated. I need to find a pic of the earth and stars, since these stars are not right, but I cant find a good Nasa pic that shows the earth and the stars. Anyone else know where I can find one? Also are my nodes correct? I’m sure this can be improved. I would like to make it perfect. (Impossible…) Also the bottom of Africa is purple where it should be black with the lights shining through. I suppose this is a nodes issue…Thanks, Matt


tueasday no spec 1.blend (1.08 MB)

Is this from the Blender Guru tut? I have done the same one. I use it all the time when I am showing someone the process of texturing and nodes. It looks good, if it were me, I would try and make the atmosphere a little more substantial, also a little more glow I think. A little trick I did a while ago for stars. It may seem a little silly and be a little bit of a pain, but I really like the way it turned out for me. Create a cube, subdivide the side facing the camera until you have really small faces, small enought to be distant stars. place a white light source inside the cube. Then delete random faces on the camera facing side of the cube. you may have to crank up the lamp’s strength to get bright enough stars. If you do it right it can look pretty good. However it take some time to pull off and may not come out well for this particular scene but I thought Id throw it out there.

it looks like the model from blenderguru tut !

the iile include only the composite nodes setup

happy bl