big booboo @

Check the comments here:

What exactly do you mean? What’s the big BooBoo? :-?

If you check the comments you will see that the (linux) URLs on the download page direct to version 2.35b. That version does not exist on any of the servers and brings up an error.

I have reported it,
however, it seems only the EU one that works…

2.35b exist, I see it here:

gabio how about making a windows build in builds… there’s a bug fix I really need :smiley: please.

The problem is probably that the EU site is the main download server, all the mirrors have to copy from the EU site, and when they copy is a bit unsure. This can’t (at the moment anyways) be triggered from the main server.
Thus when an update takes place only the EU link works at first and the other links are updated probably within 24 hours.

Thanks Timothy, Good to know. Of course us voracious blenderheads have to have it right now! :smiley:

BTW Great improvements on the Elysiun site. Thanks for the hard work!! [!] hehe especially the spell checker.

Ive downloaded 2.35b form the EU mirror. File is named blender2.35b, but when i unzip it, the folder says 2.35a. I guess its just a mistake in folder`s name. Is it?

It would be less confusing if it was on the Splash Screen which version Im using (theres only number with no letters)

If you downloaded 2.35b you have the latest build of 2.35a :stuck_out_tongue: It’s a good one.