Big bot render with some piston problems

A little test render of the robot for a game im making right now, have some problem with the piston, how can i make them indepentent so I dont have to edit them all the time, it works when im making a anim, but for the game I want them to work for them self so I dont need to worry about them. but here is the Pic ( the big cupe is just to show a body :smiley: Still working on the legs )
( Also Im coding a script to stear the legs, or in other word a AI for legs :smiley: so they move more realisticaly in game )

you can use track-to, locked track, or stretch to constraints (for the rods), or a combination.
you can even use IK, but this means more bones, and longer solving time
locked track is probably the best constraint to use.

this is very nice work so far. i’m excited how the game comes.

Hey thanks Slikdigit thanks :smiley: but one prob i got now is how can i remove a trak to?

this might be kind of a ‘plug’ for my WIP but a few posts down the second page i’ve described how the pistons work, it might be what you are looking for :slight_smile: otherwise tell me and i’ll try to clarify :slight_smile:

one prob i got now is how can i remove a trak to?

well, if it is “old style” track, select the object and hit alt-t
if it is new style track (constraint), there is an x to the right side of the constraint in the constraint panel. Hit that x to delete the constraint.

it reminds me of the spidery doll thing in Pixars Toy Story

Ya? damn :smiley: but I have change it but now I got some problem with the bones, I gonna post som screeners later tonignt

Don’t change that body. It looks perfect the way it is :wink:

But seriously, good job on them’s legs.

Hey here som pic of my problem the first pic is of the leg in neutral pos. A is the Empty I use to pose to leg
The second pic it to show u what happens when I move the leg forward B is to show what happens with the leg, it seems to just twist the Bones to the side and dont hold them in pos. I tryed many things but it keep failing… so HELP please :smiley:

oh ya and I chance the dubble piston in second join to make it more suiterble for game, to many tris :smiley: but sad it looks more cool with 2 but emagine to have 20 of them in 1 game scene :smiley:

the way i got this to work for me was this, hard but worked, so if someone has a easier answer be my guest, each leg piece is its own mesh, then you make the bones independent of each other with no parent, wrap the meshes around your bone, click the one mesh click your bone (doesnt matter if the bones are one mesh it will ask which one you want), then click parent instead of clicking armature click bone, then select your bone (if multiple bones in same skeleton) and walla, that mesh now move with your bone.

no here is the nice thing, none of your objects warp, so then you take your lowest bone and link up to your high bone (using parent in its properties tab), this way they get linked just like the picture shows the pieces, and then add a empty doing nothing bone in the center no bones going out, just make the top bones link to that with no bones in between, and when you move that top bone the rest follow (not like a human but like a robot)…also make the top cube parent of that bone so that all the meshes moves together…

sounds ruff, and cuts up your mesh into many, but truthfully in my robot that i am currently working on, it works out better for me and overall imo…

good luck if you have problems just ask.

oh yea make sure the ends of the bones are where the joints are in your robot, you can even make your piston two pieces and put a bone as the little arm so when you move a leg you move the bone and the piston arm follows the bone…no bones need links to other bones, but some links would be nice so you dont have to move each mesh/bone into position and every thing else…the bones dont have to touch just parent, so that they move together…