big brew ha ha

all blender! :slight_smile:

lol always wondered what a “storm in a tea cup” would look like

great work great idea!!

I like the cloud a lot. How’d you make the cloud?

ha, I get it

The cloud was created with the cloud generator in internal,
just tweaked the settings in the cloud tex and point density texture .

Hah! Storm in the glass… or rather… the cup!.. Bah, whatever, cool idea, nicely done!

love it. Fun to see stuff that combines photo real with fantasy.

Cool! This looks great! Do a tornado in a bottle next :wink:

Nice idea.

Idea is good, execution is not up to par. The lightning looks a bit fake. Maybe some rain raining down from the cloud, and dynamic paint rippling, along with some improvemnt on the lifebouy can make this worthy of a *5. As i said before, the idea is creative, and excellent.

Realistic and the picture is original.

Takes out popcorn. Starts munching on it.

I like the idea. Nice work!:yes:

very nice - magic realism.

Ever considered an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ type scene? Because this would totally be something out of the Mad Hatter’s mind! Well done!

Hate to break the news, but acting as the devil’s advocate.

The 2 things that uphold this picture is the cloud and the theme/topic.

The cup and sea don’t look exactly realistic. They look flat, a bit. I’m just getting a tad irritated with all the ‘realism’ posts.

-swaschan, and here’s to the fact that this is criticism, not a post because of which I’ll be driven out with pitchforks.

Loving the discourse here people:)
just out of curiosity what steps might you hhave taken to improve this image ?
Thanks for taking the time to post everyone .

That tea is strong! Lovelly concept.