Big bright golden fish for feature film

I, Damien Hauser, have shot and finished editing my third feature film, however there is a big sequence in this film where an eight meter golden fish occurs in the sea at night. Now I am looking for someone who would like to model and animate such a fish. I would put the real environment and the fish together in after effects at the very end. The film is about a ten year old girl in Kenya who wants to become a fisher. Since I made the film with a very low budget, I will give only a very small salary for the beginning, but as soon as the film would make money, I would give everyone another grant. It is important that the fish looks and moves somewhat realistically, but since this is a fantasy creature, the skin of the fish could be made of the same texture as a jellyfish. Here is the link to my portfolio:
It would be great to see what you have already done in your past and I look forward to the responses.