Big Brother : My 5th short film (amateur)

This is the first minute of my short film Big Brother. I’m Yannis Brun, I’m 17 and I’m French. I make short amateur animation films and I present this new project. Feel free to leave me your opinion! Thanks :smiley:
(Sorry for the mistakes)

That was great! I love the animation and the rendering!

Nice addition of the Luxo ball, by the way!

Hey, nice start! There’s actually some really nice things in there: i.e that ocean’s pretty darn fantastic!!; and you’ve added quite a bit of sim in hair/parasoles…

Some of the animation’s quite good, and the only thing I would say is perhaps aim for a bit more consistency throughout. If you’re aiming for doll-like movements, perhaps make the actions more snappy/ it feels like they’re a bit ‘floaty’ some of the time and drifting. It’s difficult as you don’t want all the movements to be in snyc with the music beats, and a bit more of this would be cool maybe? (just my opinions:)

Bit of nice music always moves things along - Overall, the aesthetic’s great.

Carry on!:slight_smile:

Good work. I didn’t want it to end!

Nice work keep it up

Really promising. It has an actual cinematography going on, views and camera angles etc. Keep going. Really.

@kriskendallvfx Thank you very much ! Oh yes I’m a huge fan ! :smiley:

@jim_trim Thanks ! Yes I try to get more and more simulation in order to make something more natural :slight_smile:
So you think that I have to try to make a sync with the music ? (sorry I’m french)
And I have some problems with the armature
Thank you for your advices I will use it !
Yes thanks :smiley:

Thanks you very much everybody, it’s very motivating ! :smiley:

I think you are very talented. I loved most of the facial and body animation and the story really snapped on. You made good use of the time and the characters were evolving a story. I liked the animation look as well. You would be a fool not to pursue your talent.

Oh thank you so much it makes me happy, it’s my dream to continue in this direction.