Big Buck "birdy," NPR style

More excitement… Just wanting to share. This is a “straight” render from ‘inside’ of UbuntuStudio64/Blender64 of the funny little bird from the Big Buck Bunny DVD. I am working on an NPR style compositor node tree, in anticipation of the GSoC integration of Freestyle line rendering component. The included “black line” is a stand-in for great things to come (done in Blender), but gives me a good idea when combined with a more “watercolor” style render. This was done entirely inside of Blender, only comp’d together for this side-by-side posting and lettering. Great potential. Not quite as strong as some stand alone compositors like Fusion, but I am hopeful that with the potential integration of “Dynamic” nodes also in the compositor side like the “Material” side, already existing Python Image manipulation code can be more easily ported into the Blender compositing stream.

Very pretty effect. Reminds me of Japanese painting.

Cool. Very toony. Edges?

Until there is a better solution for creative edge rendering, (GSoC Freestyle integration) later this summer, I have developed a node group that uses the “Filter” node in the compositor section to generate lines, which are then “Mix’d” with the node result of my color NPR process. I had not been very satisfied with the line render built in to Blender currently, so this is the efforts so far. I am hoping that the code team implements something like a “Dynamic” node in the compositor, like the one in the Material node tree, so that already built Python Image Management code can be integrated into the compositor engine. It isn’t as strong as a free standing program like Fusion, but I am very hopeful.

Hate to bump my own thread, but I was Google searching trying to implement a “Watercolor” filter in Python code, when I came across my own thread. I have seen a variety of examples that are being worked on, but my original question remains… does anybody know if Blender 2.5 will have a Dynamic Node in the Compositor that would allow integration of Image Processing into the flow, beyond the currently limited choices. This would facilitate more After Effects like compositing and strengthen this area in Blender