Big Buck Bunny getting started - Fulldome

i, I’m trying to get started with Blender and rework Big Buck Bunny for Fulldome while I have access to a Fulldome expert and a planetarium too. For whatever reason after downloading the production files, the resulting image sequence is not as expected.
Resource listed here:
Blender production files:
Downloaded All 2D,3D,post .blends in a compressed zip File.


[This is what is rendered in all 303 image files]
To me it is as if the butterfly is missing.
This is 2.79 on windows 10, yes the output resolution was changed to 720*480 and jpg image sequence for testing. I will install a Linux if it would work better.
I am a beginner, but also - most things downloaded as a complete source should just work, or be delivered with a readme about all requirements, and maybe some common gotchas.
I hope someone is able to identify the problem and tell me what I should be doing. It would be nice to get all scenes working.
Many thanks in advance.