Big Buck Bunny-Test

I’m trying to render a single frame from scene 01.blend of the Big Buck Bunny project.

Unfortunately, I’m a real beginner and keep getting errors. I didn’t download the entire project because I have to download one item at a time. So, I have only downloaded the blend files and textures that I think I need for scene 01.

This leads me to my two questions:

  1. What does this error I keep getting mean, “Full Sample AA not supported without 3D rendering”.
  2. Is there a way to tell what assets (.blend/.png) a blend file needs to do a render? Like a log that states what Blender is looking for but can not find.

Or, if you don’t want to answer those questions and instead just send me a zip with the correct assets in the correct relative folders for scene 01 then I can just study that to see what I was doing wrong.


What exactly are you trying to render? I haven’t seen this error before, and to me it doesn’t make sense. Uncheck full sample in the render tab and see if it works that way first. Without full sample AA, it will render faster anyway, but without knowing specifically what you are trying to render, there isn’t an easy way to answer this.

I’m trying to render frame 100 from scene/01.blend. Anyway, unchecking full sample AA did the trick and it’s trying to render now. I also discovered the outliner window which helped me to determine what assets were missing.

As a blender noob I must say that this has to be the best free software ever. If I wasn’t so poor I would donate for sure.