"Big Business" (Cartoon)

Big business calls for a big man. Do you have the heart of a giant? Then maybe you can work for the “Big Boss”!
Just a short cartoon about a man interviewing for a job with a giant in the business world, haha.
Big thanks to Thoro for providing the great voice for the “Big Boss” character. Thanks man! Hope you guys enjoy watching.

Big Business
flash, 1.8meg
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LMAO… Just too damn funny Wu! The new voiceovers were great too!

Always fun to see new work from you my friend :slight_smile: Keep 'em coming.


Bravo!! thats my favorite one so far. Keep it up!

Hahaha… ehh… didn’t get it :expressionless:
BUT I love your way to texture your characters!

Haha! Great work, Wu - I think you get better and better - the silent moments and cuts are well done. And you seem to improve your weirdness, too :D.

I especially like the ‘Michael’ - ‘Ah, yes sir’ - part. This one looked funny in the script you gave me and turned out even better due to the pauses.

I had lots of fun and I’m honoured to be one of your first ‘Guest Stars’ ;).


“rrraaarrrr…I’m a tiger…rrrrraaarrrwwrrrrrr” <- Pissed my pants at that one. Friggin hilarious dude.

Love your stuff, always.


Michael…yes sir
Michael…yes sir…

heehehehehehehehe cool!!!

:smiley: Thanks for all the very nice posts! Thoro deserves a lot of credit too for the great voice. :smiley:

Robertt- thanks man! i’m very happy to see you still watch, it is always great to get your posts. thanks.

sketchy- thanks a lot. thats great to hear! one of my favorites too.

Sunbeam- there is a lot of strange humor, so i hoped most poeople would get it, but i knew a lot wouldnt, haha, but i’m grateful for your nice post.

thoro- thanks a lot man! i knew you would do great, i think we have a very similar sense of humor, i could tell by all your odd posts, haha, and i thought if you were in the cartoon then you couldnt heckel me, haha, anyway it was tons of fun to work together, hope your up for it again sometime, I DONT CARE, JUST DO IT!

BgDM- haha, you better get that looked at. thanks for the great post, i’m always very greatful for what you write. thanks man!

denshidan- yay, someone thought that part was funny, i do this with my friends all the time, its pretty funny to me, i just repeat their name over and over and just stare at them, so i thought it would go over well in a animation, haha, glad you liked it.

LOL That one was great! Have to say Thoro did a great job as the boss, I laughed at just about anything he said :slight_smile:

Maybe you should have guest voices for each episode? Who knows, maybe even have Ton at some point :smiley:

Sweet, pmsl @ scary tiger!

Cool work again Wu.

MMMmmmmm I feel inspiration coming on. :wink:


That was the funniest part! :stuck_out_tongue: Oh, and when he yells “You got to bring it down!” to his secretary. Haha. Really funny stuff, thoro.

Nice job guys. Keep 'em coming!



i have always enjoyed these (although my brother hates them :P)

keep them coming


great. just great.


I loved it! You have really refined the humor in these things. It’s cool to have watched them evolve over time.

thanks for the great posts

=KH=Lupus- thanks, i agree thoro was really funny, i would love to have guest voices for every animation, but it can be tricky sometimes, thats a great idea about Ton too, but i wonder if it would be too weird for him, haha, i woud also have to have a really great story, thanks man!

sonix- thanks a lot, inspiration is good, be a tiger! haha

three-dee- haha thanks, i thought it was very funny, but with things that i think are funny a lot of people dont, but i got lucky this time, thanks!

Alltaken- thanks a lot man! if your brother liked this one i will take credit, if he hated it then i blame thoro :smiley: , haha, thanks for the nice post, i will be sure to keep them coming!

mifune- very happy to hear you thought it was funny, thanks for the post!

laniru- hey thanks a lot, it is a great hobby, and hopfully i will be able to keep it going, and be able to refine, and evolve more, thanks for the great post!

looks like i will have to ask thoro to make a episode two! I DONT CARE, JUST DO IT!

Hehe, that’s a good trick! :smiley:

Episode Two? Sounds good - you can count on me.

=KH=Lupus, Ton’s voice in one of Wu’s cartoons (or a whole Simple Cartoon version of Ton)? That’s a great idea!

Hehehe, Ur lil cartoons always please me! :smiley:

I tell you I’m gonna laugh so hard next time I see my brother (his name is Michael) :smiley:

I’ll be sure to bring it down on him.

Your funniest clip so far! Good job :smiley: and if you happen to place some groove music in the background it “almost” make a hip hop piece :stuck_out_tongue:

“I don’t care: just do it” fits everywhere :smiley:


:smiley: more posts, woohoo! :smiley:

thoro- haha just kidding about the blame comment, part two sounds great, may be awhile but i would deifenatly like to do it!
i would be blown away if could get an idea that would work with Ton, and if he would actually do it, that would have to be one excellent story, i’m not worthy, i’m not worthy, but i will definatly give it a try!
thanks again for the cool voice!

Blende- haha that is great to hear, thanks for the nice post.

=KH=Lupus- haha, you got to bring it down on him dude, Michael, Michael, what are you doing Michael? haha :smiley:

Yeonil- hey thanks, big credit to thoro too, i would love to see a hiphop tune made of the voice samples, that would be freaking hilarous! haha!

Big thanks to elysiun for letting me have a place to show my work!