Big business hits using Blender

(abc123) #1

Do you know big business hits using Blender? Write them here.

(motorsep) #2

Please define “big business hits”.

(yii7) #3

Size doesn’t matter :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Blender Cookie (Obviously)

  2. Mount & Blade (Pc Game on Steam Top 25 played games & Also on Top 100 best games of all time- First version back in 2005 was completely created using a customized blender build called “salamander”).

  3. The Adventures of Van Helsing (Pc Game on Steam)

(Piotr Adamowicz) #4

I am told Dead Cyborg is a huge business hit! You should check it out abc123! :wink:

(jedfrechette) #5

Bohemia Interactive has used it as part of their terrain pipeline on the ARMA series. See the article in BlenderArt #39.

(SamCameron) #6

abc123, you should know that Blender is very bad. Is unusable for serious work. We need more features.

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Wow admins… is humor not allowed in the forum anymore? That’s a bad sign of censorship.

(FreeMind) #9

Next Car game. :slight_smile:

(abc123) #10

at 1:30 :slight_smile:
this is an ios game, very popular

(Bernardo) #11

do you have some info on this modified salamander blender that they used for m&b? cannot find anything

(yii7) #12

You cant it was used only as in-house tool. They said they switched to 3dsmax when they hired their lead artist (he only used max).

I personally used “salamander” once , it was very early build something like 2.1 or 2.2 dont remember to be exact . The main animation file I extracted back then was very problematic they had about 10.000 frames of animation in 1 blend. Anyway the assets for the “warband” was made with max for modeling and using motion builder for mocap. I introduced blender to the pipeline in 2010 , all through “bannerlord” development up until 2013 when I left. The studio was developing an exporter script for their file format ( which means the company was accepting blender officially in the pipeline) however 2 weeks later I quit the company and probably the exporter died with it.

Shame really M&B has a huge fan base which creates very detailed mods (almost remakes) they would create wonders if they had that official exporter. :frowning:

(Bernardo) #13

yes this is really a shame the project did not go on, m&b would be a really good thing for blender.

By the way I did not want to know where I can download salamander, I know this is impossible, just to have a glance at what the soft looked like, just to have an idea! I am really interested in knowing how a in house developed blender could look like. Right now I work in a maya studio, where of course there are a lot of in house tools, since the soft out of the box is quite weak. I am sure blender, properly in house enchanced, could really be great (and in my opinion it is already out of the box, surely more than maya).