Big Chief Air Pump

I’ve been working on this for maybe a day or so.


I’d say this probably the most complex model I’ve done so far. I used an actual (but very old) Big Chief air pump that I found in some old stuff lying around the house and used that as my reference. I made the barrel and handle pole thicker, and there are a few other details that aren’t quite right (the folding feet aren’t connected right, and since the valve at the end of the hose has missing on the reference I couldn’t model it properly, so I made a generic replacement without the thumb catch).

The spring is made from a curve, as is the hose itself which is posed by an armature. The feet are also rigged and can fold (although the rotation isn’t perfect yet). I also excluded the hose clip normally on the back of the handle since it seemed superfluous, although it would probably be easy to add.

Comments are welcome.