Big cuestion about video tracking: real camera and blender camera

Hello! First of all, i am a begineer in the camera tracking in blender, so, this cuestion maybe sounds ridiculous for many people.

When i record a real person on chroma key i rec with zoom and movements with a real camera. After, i have my 3d scenary in blender, so here the question: When i render the scene in render of the scenary scenes with the blender camera ¿The blender camera have to imitate the zoom and movements of the real camera? The video scene in the final product is the real camera of the blender camera? I put a image like reference:

Thanks for read, im sorry if this sounds so very stupid.

Id suggest you to follow a simple tutorial in blender motion tracking first. maybe more than 2 tutorials.

and to answer your question- if your tracking is good the 3d scene should imitate your camera movements