Big draft

One big draft, coming up:

Please critque it to the last drop!

Rendered with Cycles, lighted with softbox and a rim lightplane.



Two, please.

I like it. It’d be interesting to see some wires? I’m curious as to how you did some of this stuff. =)

Mmmmmmmm. :smiley:

If only I could just reach into this screen and grab…d’oh! :frowning:


Glad you like it! Actually, my inability to grab one this weekend partly inspired me to at least model it :slight_smile:

Here are wires/works:

Large droplets are done with particle system emitting two simple “half-droplet” meshes. Particle emitter is a duplicated outside part of the tankard, subdivided a good deal of times for better distribution.

Fine “condensation” is actually just a bump map generated via Voronoi texture, thanks to this new Bump node.

Beer has a displace modifier affecting “top” vertex group. Visible “seam” on the beer mesh is where another face is made, separating beer part from foam part.

Foam is, again, rendered with Voronoi bump map.


im not sure but as i saw beer cups in pubs/bars they are slightly taller.
Materials i think are ok, i would experiment with “beer” material, but since there
is nothing behind it’s kinda pointless :wink:

I personally like the fact that the mug is wider than it is tall. It gives the impression of being “big”, just like the title says. And it makes it look that much more tasty. :smiley:

Nice work!


Looks great!

A bit of foam spilling over the edge would be a nice touch IMO

Generally they are, but in this case, Dan in his post completely figured me out :slight_smile:

How do you mean, “experiment”? Rethink the scene and put something behind the tankard?


Thank you! That is a good idea, I oughta try to sculpt something out :slight_smile:

It deppends of what type of beer is inside :
I would try to achieve something like the second from left so beer material like that :
or that
but since u have black background and kinda plain metallic plane, achiving that i think is kinda pointless, cause nothing would iteract with beer glossines and transparecy/transculency.

About rethinking scene, it’s up to you. Now it’s kinda simple and u can say it is no story behind it, just a beer mug u would like to be real :slight_smile:

And as someone mentioned, spilling foam over the edge would be great too.

Nice work! :smiley:

Good work. Could leave it there if you wanted. If you want even more realism, there are a few things: if you want to show the size you need to fix the proportions. Either include something to compare the mug with or shrink the condensation…

If you look at the sides where you can see the drops in a ‘side’ view, they look like, drops of glue. The drops are actually a lot flatter. from the front they are fine. Just need to be flattened. As well, condensation grows, and will only get to a certain size before gravity pulls it down the side of the glass creating streaks where there are not a lot of condensation. The texture in the glass (or the condensation on the glass), specifically in the handle, actually looks more like a cracking plastic. If that is the case then you wouldn’t have as much condensation. If you want glass then you need to change the shader slightly.

Last i get lost in the foam, and can’t see the top of the glass. This might be a material thing or an modelling thing.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, VickyM72! :slight_smile:

Wow, thanks a lot! I probably will have to go dig it out and see what I can do about all those things.

Well I have to say, I am not a beer lover and when I first saw this picture I wrinkled my nose, waiting for the smell to hit. So really great picture.

Hehe, thank you, Angelina!

Good! Could be taller. Would look nice if the background were a blurred bar scene.