---->BIG EXPLOSION movie<----

(Alltaken) #1

updated look down to the third post

a very big WIP
actually i’ve finished all the modeling texturing and animating.

but my computer is currently strugling away rendering this 400 frame animation.

its strugling alot
400,000 polygons
and about 120 explosions each of about 3000 thingy mebobs (i’m to tired to think of the word now but those halo thingys)

note: the current frame only has about 10 of the explosions all the rest are spreed out over the next 380 frames

its using 600MB of memory (when i only have 256MB of ram)

oh well heres the first ok pic out of the rendering.
i’ll post the finished clip later today when its done.


updated look down the bottom

(Bapsis) #2

Looking really good so far All, definatly looking forward to seeing your animation!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(Alltaken) #3

heres the animation up to frame 291 out of 400

its taking longer than i thought

i think i’ll try and put some charing on it later.

hope you enjoy


encoded with divx

(DreamMaster) #4

It’s cool, I kinda feel bad for ya when it takes a while to render. I know how you feel since when I rendered my last animation!

How long did it took for you to render it?

(BetaParticl) #5

Particles take forever to render, I try to use them sparingly.

The explosions look great, but they don’t seem to be doing any damage to the ship. I know its a pain to do, but it would look alot better if it blasted some chunks out of the big ship. Maybe even cracking in half or somthing dramatic like that. Just a thought.


(Alltaken) #6

yeah i was thinking of getting my mate to post process it somhow to at least put black marks on it.

perhaps then later in a seperate shot from a long way away have it exploding in the outer earths atmosphere

the rest of the frames have finished rendering now(only two min per frame)
(started at about 2am and finished at 8pm – 18 hours)

here the done one is
approx 550kb divx

approx 1.9Mb

(S68) #7

Very cool!

Like the scene.

Personally I would have placed explosions more progressively. I mean, starting from one place and the extending to the rest of the ship. YOu have done this, but it is very quick and then explosions contine randomly all over the ship… but this is just my opinion.

where are all the pieces of the ship blasted in all directions :stuck_out_tongue: ?


(Alltaken) #8

i just remembered the ship has to stay whole enough to come hurtling down to earth and land on the school hall

Squishing everything

(thats what ive been told)

it not the end of that ship

(S68) #9

:o Terrible :o


(Nayman) #10

Also, right when the ship explodes, have a huge camera shake, we need some force going here… make it violent

(Cativo) #11

That Star Destroyer looks weird! :wink: nice explosion! how about some camera movement and shockwaves? :slight_smile:

ps: jk, except for the nice part!

(Alltaken) #12

he he he

yeah i tried to make it look kinda like a star destroyer
but different. like it has no nose.

i now have a quicktime mov file with sound on it
but i don’t like it much for some reason.
(could be because it seems wrong have sound in space)

camera shake is a good idea!!!

(Bapsis) #13

Looking great so far mate!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!