Big green bottle fly

Thanks! Actually, I wanted the transition to be associated, not a property. For example, frame 1 is corresponding to 10° X axis, frame 50 is corresponding to 30° X axis, let Blender interpolate within.
The same as a shape key, except you could control the transition.
Note that I could also let the cloth simulation run on its own, it seems to work OK.


Yeah, you’ll definitely want RBF nodes for that :slight_smile:

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Something new to look into, cool! Thanks for the tip

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Rigging done


Gorgeous work!

Thanks! Taking a little break from it, I found that revisiting projects is a good way to enhance scenes over time.
Stay tuned though, this fly is going places!

A first project with the fly. More will come.
Full credits on instagram @denisgauder


Maybe a little background on the “Archbishop of the flies”. I like to challenge points of view on what is good, bad, beautiful, ugly, holy or evil. I think that nothing is really one or the other, yet most of us keep trying to categorize things as “good” or “bad”. ( @josephhansen is familiar with my views on NSFW for example :wink: )

This simple piece illustrates these oppositions I think. To me, the luxury clergy is reminiscent from periods where the church was behaving very differently than today. It also symbolizes authority, hierarchy and faith. Yet putting this very alienating fly there also brings some questions about the authority brought by a function and the distance created between individuals by hierarchical structures.

I also hope it invites some of you to craft a little story in your mind.


Awesome breakdown! Thank you so much!

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My pleasure. Thanks for the nice words. If you enjoy the breakdown, feel free to look at my chameleon thread and pallas-athena thread.


I was with you in your Chameleon-creation-progress, as a silent reader! :sweat_smile: and I really enjoyed myself!