big green troll

This is my first post on Blender artists. I’ve worked on blender for about two years, I’m still new to cycles, and I learned a lot while making this. Any input would be welcome.

Depending on what effect you wish to achieve, this either looks good or needs work. It looks like something you’d make with modelling clay. Not to say it isn’t good, just that I wouldn’t expect to find this in anything adult oriented. More like a kids show. Also, what’s with the tic-tac-toe on his shoulder? That’s one though troll to play tic-tac-toe on his own skin. This image could use an angle that shows his height, especially thinking that usually trolls are very big.

Still, a nice render.

EDIT: You also need to work on the textures on the rock on the left. About the hair, I’d suggest adding children hairs. Right now it looks like there’s too little of it.

Thanks for the comment!
I made some improvements on the hair and the mountains in the background. I like this perspective, but it makes it harder to see the face.
I’ll be rendering it at higher resolution and samples soon.