Big houses and big money

Have you ever noticed before you find out there’s going to be a real big expensive million dollar home being built near you? There’s one house in our neighborhood going up that’s a million dollar home and will be the biggest in the entire neighborhood. Totally dwarfing even the second largest home.

How big is it?
So big I heard one of their would be neighbors moved out because of it. 11,000 square feet and that’s just the upper two floors dwarfing all nearby homes and about 5 times bigger then ours. Makes me want to covet that house, makes me wish I want to live there.

Have you ever felt this way?

ummmm no because we are the people living in the million dollar homes :stuck_out_tongue:

we had a four floor house, :smiley: with 10 bedrooms, 4 living rooms, 4 toilets, 3 seperated bathrooms (without toilets in them) 3 kitchens, and a 1/4 acre section with a large garden area, 5 mins walk from the centre of town :smiley:

this was my childhood home, so i don’t see it to greatly, currently we rent it out with 13 people in it.

up the street was a 2 property big house built in the style of the whitehouse (the original turn of the century house was much nicer,) it was the only time i thought the house was to big and ugly. it had big fake poles,a tenis court, a swimming pool, and they got builders to build the kids treehouse for them.

it was probably 1/2 arce section in one of the richest ares of the city.

we bought our house for about $150K and its worth about 1 mil now after 18 years.

our neighbours house (whom i look after lots) was the height of about 3 of the floors in our house, but was only two floors. you would need a tall ladder to get to clean the roof it had beautiful high ceilings.

you wake up surrounded by ferns, and other native bushes just out the window with light pouring in in the morning. massive windows. :smiley: yet you are almost in the center of the city :smiley:

i have spent many an hour cleaning up that garden just outside their windows (they get me to help out lots with the gardening, and pay alright so i don’t complain)

but now i live in a small house (only need a house big enough to live in) in the middle of a poorer suburb, its the fastest increasing land value suburb in the city though, and our house has almost doubled in value over the last 5 years

a few million dollar houses would go nice around the place, although older houses IMO are much nicer than new expensive ones.

there were a few houses being sold for a few million which were really old, and had HUGE properties, they were absdolutly amasing, (most of the hosues i deliverd papers to as a kid :smiley: )



kinda depends, a million dollar will get you ~4000 sq ft(depending how close to the city I guess)…tell me, how about how much is your house worth, and ‘specs’ if you don’t mind?

on an interesting side note, maybe its only me but why is it the bigger the house the bigger the a-hole living in it.
maybe i could make my point better by explaining a work situation. i worked in a middle class area, in the frame department of a large craft store, customers were pretty cool, and easy to get along with, however didnt have a lot of money to spend on custom framing.
i needed more hours, so i went to work in the store about 20miles away in a pretty wealthy part of town. the people were the most disrespectful spoiled brats i ever met in my life. my idea going into this area was that these people have tons of cash, they proably are so comfortable and laid back, no worries.
i was wrong these people were psycotic a-holes. some were cool, but on average i was treated like crap, no respect, a few months before i left this store i had a saying i would say to my self every night before i went into the store to work, “all money, no manners”, and everynight it rang true.
quite sad indeed, but i will always remeber this, money does not make you happy! and i have seen the proof.

'round here homes are on ~1 acre lots sell for about 500k

some people have bought two adjacent lots and a building a huge house

my negibors have a tennis court, most people out here have horses.

this is actually a really interesting place, we’re just outside the city [like a block away] so the city regulations on animals [which say you can have like 2 dogs max] don’t apply, the county regulations [which give each property a number of allowed animal units, horse count for 2 or something, dogs for one…]

big homes are expensive out where I used to live, it is easy to find a house near a city with a couple acres going for several million dollars.

there’s lots of development of 2000 or so square foot homes in developments nearby, it looks like they will be going for similar amounts [half million] but will also have about half the land [no horses :frowning: ]

so what do I think about the person building a new house on those two adjacent lots? I think they’re wasting their time, such a big house seems kinda useless without much land to play with.

I have to agree with you, I’ve seen the dirties ppl at work and they’re usually executives(and gender is not an issue)!

yeah and when i was collecting for charity around the place. it was the richest people who gave the least money.

the students were the people that gave the most, and were most likely to have the least amount of money.


Land isn’t as expensive in middle America, nor are houses. If you live on the coasts and there are some outrageous prices in comparison.

I was in the same situation as Kansas once, my dad had bought a recently built house in a new neighborhood and at the time there was only one other house there. Both were the typical middle class 3 bedroom/2 bath one-story houses. The next one to go up sat on three lots at two stories with three bathrooms a two-car garage and 5 bedrooms. After that were a couple other normal sized houses, then there were two others with three-car garages and I don’t even know how many square feet. My dad’s house is one of the smallest on the street now, it looks weird next to the doctors and lawyers. I live in an apartment now, it isn’t huge but I’m just glad to have privacy. It’s more valuable than any amount of space for me.

My house is about 30km from the nearest city and houses are generally pretty cheap here. My house is two stories, the first story being the garage. :slight_smile:

You can sometimes get $1 houses in the outback of Australia, but that’s because there’s nothing else to do there and there’s no demand. :wink:

I think i’m gonna move to Oz. I live in a one room effeintcy (cant spell it) with a bunch of stanes on the carpet even a burn mark from an iron (Idid’nt cause), a broken window I did’nt break, cracks in the walls, plumbing that does’nt hardly work, a million roaches and the guy accross the hall used to make pornos in his plce, but he moved out, but I still have drug dealers and addicts that live all arounds.

$1 dollar houses, are you sure they don’t actually look cheap like in broken down a little?

Whoa, can I get your place when you go? You’ve got everything: pets that feed themselves, hookers that come to your doorstep, plentiful supply of narcotics, air conditioning. Sounds like paradise.

What’s wrong with this?:

They’ve got on en-suite bathrooms too. That big green bush in the back. Just be careful not to sh*t on a croc.

1 million dollar houses, or £30,000 pound houses.

Both unaffordable to most single people in the UK on an average wage (£10K - £12K)

Nice of the council to sell off all the old council houses to the people who were living in them, but not bother building any more. (Council housing scheme was that the local govmt owned the house, but gave the tenants a cheap rent)

So I’m rapidly approaching 30 years old and still living with ma + pa.



My friend in the bay area rents a one room studio flat for $1500 per month. It’s all relative.

Lol that’s a way too much, if I work for 3.000 euro a month like 50% of my income goes to that, when you life with someone else and buy a house if have less costs together then living on your own in a flat and pay 1500 euro. (euro is almost same as USA dollar, 1.25 dollar)

Currently I pay nothing for my livin, I still life at home, and I’m not gonna leave until I’ve finished school and started working. Right now I’ve got a nice amount of money for the future, a nice student job at the hospital and such.

Here in The Netherlands it’s quiet hard to find a cheap house, mostly everythin buyable starts at least at 200.000 euro, sometimes you see houses for like 150.000 but not cheaper, but they look awefull, even that worse, that when you buy it, you have to spend another 100.000 euro to make it quiet lifeable. So living on your own, in a house of 250.000 euro, not that good job, no help from parents, well you aint gonna get a house then. :frowning: If that bad, the governement here watches your butt what you earn each month, else you won’t get a home to buy, only to rent. :x Which is really expensive too, also 1500/2000 euro’s a month for a room not bigger then 10x10 meters. :expressionless:

I think I’ll buy some real cheap land and build my own house and live in my truck till it’s complete, I wish. I think building your own house would be really cheap though.

Here is the home I built in Montana when I was young and strong. I sold it 15 years ago for $80,000. It was 1800 square feet, timber frame log home.

More pictures here:

In-freaking-credible. I’m speechless Ox. How long did it take, and where did you live while building it? Did you work elsewhere at the same time? Where did the logs come from?

Oxman, that is impressive indeed. Build with hand tools too, crazy. A home fit for a dental floss tycoon!

Oxman are you sure your not Jesus? lol Carpenter, wise in the ways of the Lord. I talked this over with my boss a few minutes ago and it actually seems a reachable goal. He said that if I were to do it than I should buy a trailer then buy some land and set the trailer there and get started on the project. I would really like to fit the house with some solar panels on the roof and just use natural resorces instead of having to pay for that stuff. Well it’s just a dream for right now.