Big Mac Hack Attack

From slashdot

“Finnish antivirus vendor F-Secure reports that Mcdonalds in Japan distributed 10,000 infected MP3 players as customer prizes in a promotion with Coca-Cola. The USB sticks contained 10 free songs plus the QQPass Trojan, which is intended to steal login data. F-Secure reports that they have heard, but cannot confirm, that simply plugging the USB device into a Windows PC is sufficient to get infected. Investigation is still going on, but the mishap apparently happened in Hong Kong. Patrons nationwide are urged to quickly return their M-logoed sticks for replacement or call a 24hr hotline, if unsure.”
I do feel sorry for anyone this has infected. The comments to the thread are pretty entertaining, especially if you scroll down to the translation of the Japanese McDonald’s site. :slight_smile:

Man, what a jiff. Wack, totally wack.

What’s the use, anyway?