Big Monster Drumkit (DW)

Hi Guys!

This time i’ll come with a fucking huge drumkit!

(DW Collector Series)

As a good Prog Metal fan and drummer, i could not refuse to do a big drum render at least one time, and here we are! :smiley:

Modeling was way more annoying than expected, since all here are actually real shell sizes of a real drumkit;
Pieces like rims are things that require multiple sizes maintaing a structure, like holes, bevels and so on

I’ll post a little making of later this post here, and explain better some points (or try to)

Most part done without the need of references, i’m a professional drummer and see these beauties everyday, so the most was done using my on drum (that is few centimeters away from me right now) as reference, and the other half using google (cuz a DW drum costs almost the same as a sport car - at least here in Brazil, only a bass drum can costs up to 3 thousand dollars) and YEAH i dont have one of course, but most things are similar to each other

Hope you sirs like it :wink:
Keep rocking~

Lets see this from the inside!
Unfortunately, most detail and modeling work can not be seen in the main renders, so let’s see closer :wink:

OH YEA, i forgot this render as well!

ok, proceed:

as you can see, i start this project at the beginning of the year, aaaand laziness is a fucking curse, especially when comes to modeling little tiny parts like these

in this preview render you can see about the rims that i talk earlier, these holes and bumps all maintain a proportion, but the actual rim sizes vary, was not so funny at all

(as you can see my english is far not the best out here, hope u guys understand :c )




And i forgot to mention about the drum head textures!
The sizes can vary but the logo still the same = more work :smiley:

I really wanted to test more angles, lighting and rendering stuff but my old dual core cant handle the render well :confused:

And i think its done!

I posted almost everything that i had here;;

(I have the habit of taking screenshots from everything i’m doing (highly recomended!))

Hope something has been useful for some of you, cheers! :wink:

Having helped set up and tear down a drumkit like this for a few years (my drummer was lazy aobut it, so I helped) I ahve to say bravo on the level of detail and the texture process, this is great stuff!!

Glad you liked it! thanks ;D
Please help your drummer whenever possible, all you guys have a special place in our hearts :wink:

This is amazing,
at first I think the first pic was a reference picture.
Love the making of also.

Good work, sir.

Thank you very much! :wink:

With cycles, these type of rendering started getting way easier!

Very nice!! Especially the cymbals are great! I’m not that shure about the material on the stands, it seems a bit too yellowish… did you use a reference picture?
Btw: DW rules :ba:

Amazing modeling, texturing.
Excellent work.

Really Nice!! Could be a Ludwig vistalite kit :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:
5 stars from me!

Hey really nice job on the drum kit… lots of work and lots of detail, which has made it a good project… But come on… where is the giant gong? :slight_smile:

Striking! one thing: I find the background is way too bright. It swallows attention.

Gorgeous! Bravo! :smiley:

Thanks man!
And yeah, i agree with you, in the studio where i usually record theres a gold plated DW, and the “gold” are far less saturated than what you see in the promo pics from google, but should i change it a little bit in a next render :wink:

Thanks! Glad you liked it!

Thanks bro! :wink:
And YEA, vistalite is one of my favorite drumkits so far, my next drum set (in real life) is planed to be a clear acrylic finish, to people see some leg motion~~
But for the render i just wanted to see the veins of the wood and these type of things, also that paint finish from the Neil Pert drumkit, that absolutelly ROCKS

hahahahaha oh my god you are absolutely RIGHT! WHERE’S THE GONG CYMBAL!!1
i swear that i planned to do one, but you know, things going and going and puf, it’s gone ):
maybe in the next render i’ll find a place for this!
But thanks man!

Thanks man!
and yeah, i agree with you, its like crushing the overall composition, i would like to change, when i see this really makes me upset, but do what huh, if rendered again more 20+ hours to wait :confused:

But as you can see, i made earlier few tests with darker background:

Maybe i’ll do another render later with this in mind :wink:

Thanks mate!
Glad you liked it! :wink:

Great modelling and all…but how do they sound? :evilgrin:
Seriously - all that detail would really test my patience. Sweet job man!
(+1 for a gong. Put Danny Carey’s behind it!)