Big n00b question

I downloaded blender a few days ago and love it. It reminds me of SoftImage XSI vs. 2.4, however, is there an undo button? I’ve looked everywhere in the tutorials and everywhere else I could think of and could not find one. Does one exist? Please help, thank you so much.

Just press ctrl and z. It can undo a large amount of steps too, so that should help. :]

Keep in mind that like everything else, ctrl-z is context sensitive. So, if you create a cube, then go into edit mode, move some verts, then exit edit mode, ctrl-z will undo the creation of the cube, not the edit. In order to use ctrl-z to undo an edit, you must be in edit mode.

Best of Luck!

Also note that if you pull down the top header to get to the user preferances , on the edit methods button there is a slider that adjust’s how many steps you can undo.
In edit mode and object mode press ALT-U brings up an undo historty list.