Big pieces missing after I use Cell frakture

I add some ticknes on the head by using Solidifie 200 (Maybe till Little) and hit apply subdivision Surface 2+2

Then I use Cell Fracture. But big pieces of the head missing. Do you guys know what I need to do to solve the problem. I run on iMac mid 2011 High Sierra and Blender 2.79

Thanks in Advance.

you could you try to do the cell fracture after subdividing the mesh… do it on a highres mesh. that low res mesh fracture will not work when apply a subdiv after cellfracture. subdiv will allways cause that holes and maybe do the solidify after fracture.
another thing you could try or think about is to play with creases for the charts edges in edit mode to use a subdiv… did not do that before but in that case it maybe works.
dont know if thats much of help but maybe gives some ideas.
good luck! :wink:

[edit] another reason for that big pieces that you are missing can be that your mesh has some extra loose parts or holes or whatever. try to keep the mesh consistent.

If you’re trying to animate it the best thing to do is to keep a copy of the pre-fractured object. Then use keyframes to show the unshattered and hide the shattered versions until the shatter/fracture is required. There are lots of tutorial on shattering glass this way in animations.