Big problem to embedd videos on 2017 Vimeo Pro

Hello. On the old Vimeo Plus I have no problem to embedd videos but on th latest version from 2017 Vimeo Pro I have big problem to got one video out of the Vimeoalbum.
Do you guys know how to solve that.

Thanks in Advance.

Hi, I really don’t have a lot of experience creating videos from blender, but if I’d happen to find some problem doing it so, the first thing I’d try is to upload in other format or try with different settings. And if that doesn’t fix the problem, I’d render the image sequence (png or jpg) from blender and generate the video in a video edition software, I’ve used PowerDirector, but practically any video edition software can render a video out from a sequence of images.

Good news. I vill try. Thank you.