BIG problem with appending a rig in Blender 2.8!

Hey everyone! I really need help! So everytime i try to append a minecraft rig into Blender 2.8 i get the mess you see in the picture! I really don’t know what i am doing wrong! Τhe procedure i follow to import the rig is =
File > append > i choose the rig > then the folder with the name “object” > and when i open the folder “object” i select everything in it and then i click Append From Library.
Apparently this is not the right way to do it …
If anyone can help i would really appreciate it!!

File > Link > Collection.

Select either the rig, or the empty object that’s instancing the rig + objects, then Make Proxy (It’s found under one of the Object menu categories).
If you selected an instancer, then you select the name of your rig object.
Now you have a “Proxy” rig.

You animate that rig.

You can also do this for mesh objects.


If using an instancer:

If you didn’t disable the appropriate visibility property for the rig (and other objects under the collection) they will be visible and you can select them even after creating a proxy.

You “could” disable selection of the instancer to prevent accidentally selecting the empty-object when you intended to select the rig/mesh but you may find it easier to just hide it (correctly) in the original file.

If you opt to not instance the collection,

you can select the individual objects like you would in the original file but you should bare in mind that if you rename/delete an object from the source, it won’t update in the “animation” file.

if you want to move the objects themselves, you have to do a different thing.

Thank you so much for taking time to answer to my question!!
God bless you mate , thanks again! :smiley:

Hi I’m new to blender.

I have the same problem with appending Minecraft rigs into my blender file. I tried to read what you had written but I don’t seem to understand it.

When I tried to append a Minecraft rig, I went to objects and selected all the parts. And it was a mess, So I tried to do the same but by Linking it, This time in came in shape but I wasn’t able to move or animate it.

Kindly elaborate more on the topic. I would appreciate it!

I’m replying so you (or anyone else reading) don’t waste your time/hopes, waiting.

“I” will not elaborate/rephrase what I said in the previous post… except the fact that I mentioned nothing about Library Overrides.

Library Overrides

I don’t know if it wasn’t a thing at the time of my post, or I didn’t yet know about them but they function similar to appends, so long as you’re okay with the limited amount of editing available to them, and you’re okay with not being able to rename anything.
Until I can at least rename objects, I will never opt for Library Overrides over Proxy or Append but that’s for me personally.

But, this is just “additional” information to my previous post, so I wouldn’t call it elaboration as it was missing rather than expanded. If one does not understand the previous post, I don’t expect this information to be of use either.

Hello Everyone! Im also new to blender . I need help.

Thing is when i append…

File – append – choose a rig and went to object and at last to choose all i pressed A and next i pressed append from file .And then the Blender app automatically closes itself.

Why is it happening ?? I will be very thankful if anyone can help me