Big problem with armature parenting!!

Hi, I am working in a FPS BGE game, and I have this question: Is it possible to use one bone of an armature as an object, or can it be the son of an empty?? I’ve got two possibilities:

  • Use the “Chest” bone (check the image) as an object controlled by the mouse; all the bones that are its sons will move, the others won’t.
  • Put an empty and parent it to the same bone (I don’t know how to do this), so if the empty moves, the bone will move, and so its sons.
    So the questions are:
  • How can I use a bone of an armature as an object? Can I do it?
  • Can I make an empty parent to a single bone of an armature?
    I think I’m explaining well… Sorry for my bad English… >.< Thanks!!!


Yes … Just go into Pose Mode - select the bone you want to parent then shift-select the empty (this will take you into Object Mode) and Ctrl-P …

That was my first idea, but I mean an empty controlling one bone, not all the armature… Any ideas of how can I do that? :S