Big problem

I got a problem making interactive 3D with Blender 2.25…
When I turn on the light-special, the object is displayed with some black areas on it…this problem doesn’t occur without light

can anybody help?

(sorry for my bad English)


The problem is not the English ( mine too is bad :slight_smile: ) but the problem description;
Too vague.
What is “light-special” ?? Did you mean real-time lightening???
You have selected all faces in face select mode and pressed the light button?
Maybe “black areas” are just that, “black areas”!!! :slight_smile:
I mean, the model don’t get the light, or have some “ugly” shadows
Try to move or add lights


hmmm, this could be possable because some of the faces were inside out. try selecting all the faces you have and press ctrl-N and that should turn all the faces to the outside alowing the lighting to affect it. you can also flip these by selecting the individual black faces and pressing “w” and then flip normals. that will flip the face so it will show up, either way works.

Selecting all faces and clicking light will only make one face lit - you have to click Copy Drawmode to make all the other faces lit.

I can’t help, I’m just gonna make an annoying little comment here.

In any forum when you’re asking for help, use a descriptive title. “Big Problem” is really vague. You should have titled this something like “Object displayed with black areas,” it might attract more clicks from someone who has had the problem. It says to do this in one of the sticky topics, I think in Blender Gen.

Hope everything works out for you.

  1. Sorry for all the mistakes I’ve made…
  2. The problem is solved…It was the Normals-thing

Thank you for helping me…