Big Problems with Blender.

I have been using blender for a while without a problem with bugs, but know its happend. I have opened Blender 2.4 and 2.3.7 many times and it is always the same. I had been working on a project last week and finly finished it. But now when I open Blender it automaticly opens that project. I go to File>New>Erase All?-yes and it is still there it does not erase anything.
I can try opening a previous project without haveing blender open by double clicking it and it gives me some error code. I open Blender and goto File>Open chosse the project to open and it does open the file I want it to just fine. But then I goto File>new>erase all -yes and that other project pops up in blender.
Now last week in the middle of doing this project i did reset my theme for blender this may or may not have anything to do with it. But when i change it back to default them and tell it to erase all it just goes back to what i have.
I have tried trashing both blender 2.4 and 2.3.7 and reinstalling but that didn’t do anything for me ofcourse i just put the app. in the trash can and emptyed it so it wasn’t a true uninstall. I have looked for the prefs but was unable to find them.
Mac OS X 10.4
1gb ram

Try deleting your .B.blend file from your Blender install. On Windows it’s in Blender Foundation>Blender>.blender>.B.blend. Hope that helps.:slight_smile:


I’m not the guy who originally posted, nor am I having that trouble, but I’m just trying t earn s much as I can about Blender (and for the moment using it on Mac 10.4)

The file structure on Mac is radically different from Win, and a search for anything called “b.blend” comes up blank for me…

It’s an uppercase B; B.blend, and in Mac you’ll probably have to find a way to view hidden files.


Sorry no B.blend for me ether.

On Mac, B.blend file is stored in your user folder (hidden of course).

To remove it, open the Terminal (should open directly in your User folder, where B.blend is stored.

To see it, type command ls -la (this will display all the files including the hidden files). It should be .B.blend (the first dot is for hidden files)

To delete the file, type rm .B.blend.

Hope this will help :slight_smile:

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ctrl - U sets the default layout for when blender loads. What you need to do is open blender, delete all the objects and data. make it so you have a clean slate. adjust anything else that you would like blender to look like when you load it and hit ctrl - U.

dogea, i did open terminal and typed in -la and it says command not found.
Vellum, I’ll try that now thanks to you all.

On a Mac the blend file is in you home directory.

It is named ‘.b.blend’ anything on a Mac starting with a ‘.’ is automatically hidden.

To remove it start a terminal and type ‘rm .b.blend’ without the quotes.



The command is:

ls -la

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