Big problems with UPBGE 0.33

Hi gang, me again I’m afraid…

I’ve recently started using 0.33 with a project that up until now has been made using 0.3.0
Unfortunately my game now crashes pretty quickly, seemingly when certain animations are triggered.

The log file has a lot of this:
WARN (bke.anim_sys): E:\Development\blender-upbge-eevee\source\blender\blenkernel\intern\anim_sys.c:386 BKE_animsys_rna_path_resolve: Animato: Invalid path. ID = ‘enemyassault’, ‘pose.bones[“stomach”].location[0]’

And a few of this:
WARN (bke.anim_sys): E:\Development\blender-upbge-eevee\source\blender\blenkernel\intern\anim_sys.c:3540 animsys_calculate_nla: NLA Eval: Stopgap for active action on NLA Stack - no strips case

And then doesn’t say why it crashed.
Would really appreciate any help. Does anyone know what those warnings are about? Are there problems with animations in 0.33?

Could you post a blend file with the issue in our github ( Thanks in advance.

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