BIG PROJECT! anybody intrested?

(TomorrowMan) #1

yo everyone, im making, or…helping to make a very big project im going to be doing in 2 years…its an independent film, and im the CGI director, and the director/writer/creator of the film wanted me to round up about 4 people to help me with all of the specialFX for the film, but…IM THE ONLY ONE IN MY WHOLE CITY THAT CAN DO IT!, i thought, hmm…maybe i could get a few interested people from the elysiun forums…anyways, yeah, were going to start filming it in 2 years, and the CGI work for it is going to be like a big blockbuster movie, so, i need some old pros, or atleast anyone who thinks they’ll be advanced enough in 2 years…(by the way, i doubt youll actually get any money for it, if any :frowning: sorry…thats why we need the 2 years, so we can scrape up the money for just the production!) anywho, if your intrested, or you have any questions email me at [email protected]…thanks!